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relating to or associated with heat

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Dietary fructose induces endotoxemia and hepatic injury in calorically controlled primates.
Inhibition of these neurons, which also activate pituitary adenylate cyclase, decreased feeding in calorically deficient mice.
27) performed an inpatient energy balance study in 12 lean and 9 obese individuals as they consumed 2 calorically distinct diets for brief periods of time, and these investigators simultaneously monitored the gut microbiota by performing pyrosequencing studies of bacterial 16S rRNA genes present in feces and by measuring ingested and stool calories by bomb calorimetry.
This drinking companion will tell you when it's calorically cool to drink a brew, how many, and how much you'll need to sweat to work it off.
Certainly, calorically, these two sweeteners are similar.
For every one of those calorically dense but nutritionally weak processed food items, we're sacrificing the opportunity to eat fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and other whole foods that are rich in nutrients, lower in calories, and delicious.
They can replace each other calorically, but by widely varying amounts because they are subjected to the same final oxidative decomposition.
Soy products are relatively high-calorie (compared to fruits and vegetables, for example), so if you are not using them, you may need to be more aware of other calorically dense foods, such as bean dips, avocados, and nut butters.
A dancer may decide that she isn't going to have a bagel sandwich because it is a little excessive calorically, but she may decide to do a wrap or a pita instead.
Because fat is more calorically dense than protein or carbohydrates, alli can help its users decrease their caloric intake.
Effects of recombinant insulin-like growth factor-I (IGFI) and growth hormone on plasma IGF-binding proteins in calorically restricted adults.
Many studies utilizing data from national surveys imply that calorically dense, nutrient-poor foods may be displacing nutrient-dense foods in children's diets.
This pattern is particularly applicable if there is a genetic predisposition for obesity or a 'toxic' environment in which calorically dense foods are readily available and physical activity is limited.
For those who take their dogs on the road, you should be thankful for the products that are calorically dense and enable the dog to eat smaller amounts to meet its nutritional requirements.