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relating to or associated with heat

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Caloric tests revealed bilateral SCC paresis, which was more on the left side, and persisted for 1 s on the left and 6 s on the right after stimulation with cold water.
A repeat caloric test was performed 2 weeks after completion of the treatment.
Conclusion: It does not seem that o-VEMP and v-HIT tests can replace the caloric test to detect vestibular hypofunction.
Systemic examination, local examination of the ears, nose and throat, routine investigations including blood sugar level (Fasting and post prandial), blood urea level, serum creatinine, serum electrolytes, audiometry and caloric tests were carried out in all patients.
Firstly, the group with definite peripheral vertigo will have positive signs with some of the following tests: Dix Hallpike test, lateral semi-circular canal (SCC) test, caloric test, HIT, and DVAT.
Despite this, more than half of the patients in early stage already had the abnormality of the vestibule; meanwhile, another half had normal caloric test results.
Each patient received a caloric test, VEMP test, and hearing level test before the operation and at 1 week, 3 months, and 6 months after the operation.
The alternate binaural bithermal caloric test showed a 38% reduced vestibular response right and a directional preponderance of 54% to the right.
No spontaneous, positional, or neck torsion nystagmus was elicited, and the results of the alternate binaural caloric test were normal.
The simultaneous binaural bithermal caloric test elicited a type 2 response that was consistent with a reduced vestibular response (RVR) right.
During the simultaneous binaural bithermal caloric test, a left-beating nystagmus was seen in response to the warm stimulus.
The altemate binaural bithermal caloric test elicited a 56% reduced vestibular response (RVR) on the left, and the simultaneous binaural bithermal test yielded a type 2 response and an RVR left.