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relating to or associated with heat

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Table-I: Comparison of caloric intake with optimum caloric requirement in post operative pediatric patients.
All age groups of study participants on an average were consuming more than 100% of their caloric requirement before and after the feeding trial.
Caloric requirements for the whitetail deer have been determined by information supplied by not only the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Fish and Game Division (1, pers comrn.
Unlike poverty, which has an absolute definition in terms of caloric requirements, there is no standard definition of middle class.
For it to occur, the body's significant glycgogen stores would need to be filled, and secondly the person would have to consume more than 100% of their caloric requirements from carbs.
After age 40, adult protein requirements increase while daily caloric requirements tend to decrease.
Individual caloric requirements depend on your base metabolic rate (BMR), which is the amount of energy your body needs to fuel basic functions such as breathing," she explains.
In his study of Western prisons, Wu determined that a food service manager or a registered dietitian prepares the inmates menu, and there are definite caloric requirements determined by an inmate's gender, age and general activity level.
As women approach 65 and beyond, their caloric requirements may decline, but not their need for nutrients.
Consume at least a third of your daily caloric requirements at breakfast?