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a tasteless colorless powder used medicinally as a cathartic

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Caption: Figure 2: Schematics of three-electrode cell, standard calomel electrode as reference electrode (RE), CNT placed in PVC sample holder as working electrode (WE), and copper auxiliary electrode as anode (AE).
A three-electrode cell system was used consisting of a prepared low carbon steel with a surface of 1 x 1 [cm.sup.2] as working electrode, a saturated calomel electrode as reference electrode, and a platinum (Pt) plate as a counter electrode.
Alkali-treated Ti alloy was used as the working electrode, and the saturated calomel electrode (SCE) and platinum electrode were taken as the reference and counter-electrodes, respectively; for all measurements, pH of the electrolyte was maintained at 4.5, and the temperature was kept at 37[degrees]C.
A saturated calomel electrode (SCE), platinum electrode, and Ti-6A1-4V alloy were used as the reference, counter, and working electrode, respectively.
A saturated calomel electrode (SCE) and a Pt wire were used as reference and counter electrodes, respectively.
The electrolytic cell was a standard three-electrode system containing an auxiliary electrode which was a platinum electrode (area 2.25 [cm.sup.2]), reference electrode which was a saturated calomel electrode, and a smoothly polished copper sheet (20 mm x 20 mm x 1 mm) which was a working electrode; the concentration of the solutions is 0.02 mol/L and the scan rate is 2 mV/s.
The open circuit corrosion potential (OCP) is continuously recorded owing to a saturated calomel electrode (SCE) as a reference (Fig.
Effective January 1, 2020, the statute prohibits export of: mercury (I) chloride or calomel; mercury (II) oxide; mercury (II) sulfate; mercury (II) nitrate; and cinnabar or mercury sulphide, unless those mercury compounds are exported to member countries of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development for environmentally sound disposal, on the condition that no mercury or mercury compounds so exported are to be recovered, recycled, or reclaimed for use, or directly reused, after such export.
For CV, a glassy carbon electrode 3 mm in diameter, a platinum wire auxiliary electrode and a saturated calomel reference electrode (SCE) were used.
Three electrodes were used, a glassy carbon working electrode (Model number = CHI 104, areaofthe electrode = 0.07065 [cm.sup.2]), saturated calomel reference electrode and a platinum wire auxiliary electrode.
Mercury has been used by different names such as "mercurous chloride", calomel, mercuric, mercurio or mercury.
Some settlers kept pills called "blue mass" in their medicine cabinets to be used like aspirin at the first hint of illness, or if things got bad quickly, doctors administered calomel, a pure, fast-acting form of mercury chloride.