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Synonyms for calming

the act of appeasing (as by acceding to the demands of)

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Len Gregory insisted a scheme to identify hundreds of miles of blue routes - where police cars, ambulances and fire engines will be given priority - would not lead to the dismantling of traffic calming measures.
Chief executive Janet Davies said the traffic calming measures which stretch across the full width of the road can result in ``a delay in responding to critically ill patients''.
After being forced to slow down by traffic- calming schemes, 84% of drivers break the speed limit, 72% drive aggressiv- ely, 71% jump amber lights, the survey claims.
We might say in a modern home there should be some place where you can sit down and practice calming yourself, breathing in and out and sitting quietly.
Then with mastery in full view, excitement and jubilation become tempered by the outpouring of calming and pain-numbing endorphin flow.
Here are two good poses that have a calming effect.
Not that it solves anything permanently, but it's a calming thing.
To create a calming atmosphere, all background noises (jingling keys, pagers, cell phones) are minimized.
The Tahitian Noni Tahitea(TM) line includes the Tahitea(TM) Authentic Founder's Formula noni leaf tea, with four other flavors including Calming Tahitian Serenity, Tahitian Earl Grey, Spiced Chai, and the Noni Lemon Iced Tea.
Provide Traffic Calming Improvement Matrix From Adjacent Local Agencies To Create A Dialog On What Residents Like Or Dislike About Specific Traffic Calming Improvements.
the creator of the original lunchtime Glycolic Acid peel, enthusiastically announces the launch of Exuviance AntiRedness Calming Serum.
The 15 ml Canine Calm concentrate is perfect for adding to room and whole house diffusers that allows the calming aroma to permeate throughout the home and shelter.
CALMING places I find, Come not from my dreams, Or from fantasy streams, But from shape of the flower, Smell of pine trees, After a shower.
A THREE-year ban on new traffic calming schemes is to be lifted in Flintshire.
The five S's literally turns on a reflex, which I call a calming reflex.