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the act of appeasing (as by acceding to the demands of)

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Pharmstandart OAO retained its leadership in calming and sleeping in 2014 with a value share of 30%.
Laboratoires UPSA led calming and sleeping in 2014 by a slight margin by virtue of its key product, Donormyl containing doxylamine succinate.
Calming and sleeping was dominated by two multinationals, namely PHG Healthcare and Sandoz which accounted for combined value share of 53% in 2012.
In addition the traffic calming measures on Knightside Gardens have also created parking chaos on a main bus route, particularly on the bend near the top end of the street.
The measures currently in place were one of the first traffic calming schemes installed in the county, but have not always been popular with residents.
Flintshire Council chiefs have finally indentified the area, which is one of the main commuter routes for workers at nearby Airbus in Broughton, as being appropriate for traffic calming measures.
After living adjacent to the school for 35 years, I can honestly say that Ulvescroft Road does not need traffic calming measures.
Now local councillors are calling for traffic calming measures after the incident on Grangefield Road at around 8.
Q: Why is the sound of a hair dryer so effective in calming infants?
The Calm Baby Cookbook was published to help new mothers who are having difficulty calming their babies when the infants continue to cry on a long-term basis.
It can be calming just to have someone really hear you," explains Styer.
Len Gregory insisted a scheme to identify hundreds of miles of blue routes - where police cars, ambulances and fire engines will be given priority - would not lead to the dismantling of traffic calming measures.
TRAFFIC calming measures are delaying ambulances responding to 999 calls.
More than two in five drivers reckon traffic- calming measures are as annoying as being burgled or robbed, according to a survey.
Yoga's effect on harmonizing, balancing and calming the mind and emotions can neutralize overpowering emotions before they result in overeating or bingeing.