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Since both anxiety and excitement are emotional states characterized by high arousal, it may be easier to view anxiety as excitement rather than trying to calm down to combat performance anxiety, Brooks said.
Fletcher says that Ken Riley, head of Local 1422, "had his head split open by a cop" for trying to calm down a heated exchange between one of his members and a police officer.
If the Israeli army stays restrained, then there's some hope that things will calm down.
This, the authority hopes, will help calm down shipping lines after attackers fired off a few shots during a July 3 robbery in the port.
Give a day of grace to let everyone calm down and rethink their positions.
The way to calm down is for each one to go back to his/her family of origin and study their family and see how each learned to get caught into the emotional triangle of his/her parents, and how the multigenerational emotional process stuff got caught or transmitted.
But after about two weeks, and with the help of friends and family, I started to calm down and THINK.
The IT segment will continue to languish while the healthcare segment will calm down from its double digit growth of the past two years, but show a small increase nevertheless.
She also believes that Suarez was wrong on his part to make a disrespectful gesture towards Fulham fans and he needs to calm down a bit.
Mr Cameron told an audience of Conservative activists in North Wales: yesterday: "Don't worry, I'm not going to tell you to calm down.
If it has gone further than this, take a deep breath, get down to her eye level and say to her that she needs to calm down.
A TEENAGER who told police he would not calm down until he had put someone in a bodybag has been fined pounds 100.
We just have to remember to calm down and keep our cool the entire game,'' Arias said.