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having calluses

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Runners who have one foot that is more callused than the other may have an imbalance, such as leg-length discrepancy, which can often be fixed with a heel lift.
Table 1: Responses of Amla tissue explants to different culture media Explant Responses to different types of culture media after 30 days Type CM-1 CM-2 CM-3 CM-4 CM-5 Cotyledon Expansion DSE DSE + IDSE IDSE Browned Hypocotyl Expansion Callused Callused IDSE Browned Epycotyl Expansion Callused Callused IDSE Browned Leaf No response Expansion Expansion Callused Browned CM/1= Hormone/free MS; CM/2= MS+ 1 mg/l 2,4/D; CM/3= MS+1 mg/l 2,4/D+ 0.1 mg/l K; CM/4= MS+10mg/l 2,4/D+1 mg/l K; CM/5= MS+100 mg/l 2,4/D + 1 mg/l K; DSE= Direct Somatic Embryogenesis; IDSE= Indirect Somatic Embryogenesis (Somatic embryogenesis via callus).
"The callused heel is a doctor's nemesis because it is not easy to treat.
For example, the Nexcare skin product selection from 3M uses quality natural ingredients along with skin-softening moisturizers to soothe everything from daily dryness to rough, callused areas.
When the basal media was supplied with 10g/l of sucrose the percentage of leaves callused, the degree of callusing and induced callus appearance were significantly better than at 20 or 30g sucrose in both half and full MS basal medium strengths.