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Synonyms for callously

Synonyms for callously

in a callous way


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The ex-Tory MP should be helping the poor rather than callously slagging them off.
What a shame that this war veteran who deserves our utmost respect has been treated so cruelly and callously.
Pakistan and the United States share a common interest in standing together against extremists and terrorists who callously take the lives of our citizens.
She would recognise that you're not callously indifferent.
The jury saw through your lies and you stand there exposed as a heartless and contemptible man who abducted and raped an attractive 17-year-old girl with everything to live for and then callously and quite premeditatedly took her life so she would not be able to point the finger of guilt at you.
Dave was callously dumped in a bin at a day old with his umbilical cord still attached.
At the back of Moorfields station (Old Hall Street) entrance the butts are stacking up at a ridiculous rate, you walk up Bixteth Street and again all you see is cigarette butts on the street and smokers callously throwing butts on the floor.
Unwanted working dogs, along with horses and ponies from hunting and racing stables, account for many thousands callously and regularly put to death on the quiet.
You callously allowed those drugs to be stored in the bedroom of your son without warning him they were there.
As, once again, the Cheekies have been callously overlooked by the judges in every single category, we can only imagine they have been invited to bring a touch of glamour to the proceedings.
UKRAINIAN AMERICAN ARMS MERCHANT URI Orlov (Nicholas Cage) is off to Africa to make his fortune in Andrew Niccol's Lord of War (Lions Gate), and both Uri and his adopted homeland (the largest weapons dealer on the planet) are happy to balance their books by selling weapons of every shape and size to a ragtag collection of petty tyrants, corrupt warlords, and murderous rebels--regardless of the murderous consequences to the impoverished and war-torn African nations that cannot afford to feed the children callously "drafted" into their endless wars and revolutions.
Most of all, it shows how unfairly the "White Eyes" treated Geronimo in particular and Native Americans in general, callously breaking promises.
I've never made the accusation that the board callously ignored public safety,'' Baca said.
The hotelier sent an e-mail to members of the Pacific Asia Travel Association, callously informing them not only that his area was unaffected by the tsunami, but also that his hotel was offering special three-day/two-night packages.
a blood test, an ultrasound, and a diagnosis we had been dreading--delivered rather callously by the physician--that my "pregnancy had been terminated"--left me feeling bewildered and empty.