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Synonyms for callously

Synonyms for callously

in a callous way


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This man callously deprived Hannah of her primary human right - the right to life.
a blood test, an ultrasound, and a diagnosis we had been dreading--delivered rather callously by the physician--that my "pregnancy had been terminated"--left me feeling bewildered and empty.
Politicians callously use religion to pursue their purely secular agendas--as church-state journalist Frederick Clarkson explains in this issue's "Church and State" column.
Written in Jones' own words, without the use of a co-author, Spy Bate questions why the goals he sacrificed years of his freedom for became so callously tossed aside, even as he was ignored and left to rot in a terrible jail cell.
This predisposition will be magnified if the plaintiff's attorney can present any evidence that the insurance company handled the plaintiff's claim callously, unfairly, without compassion, with needless delays, or in a way that appears greedy.
As Henry learns first-hand about the environment, its beauty and its dangers, he encounters people who do not respect the lives of the animals and callously kill them to sell their skins.
Over the past year, terrorists have struck brutally and callously across the globe.
A sex predator who callously infected two lovers with the HIV virus was jailed for eight years yesterday.
But such providers, except the occasional defector from their ranks, still callously carry out the wanton destruction of innocent, defenseless human life.
Perenially lying, conning, manipulating, and changing like a chameleon under varying circumstances, they live callously shallow, glib lives and show little stress and no remorse.
Modern economic management is similar: From one's luxury hotel one can callously impose policies about which one would think twice if one knew the people whose lives one was destroying.
The very best of public advocates, often in deep personal pain from the loss of a loved one to the deadly cancer marketed so callously by the tobacco industry, were addicted to the fight.
Mary's residential school, enriched flour was introduced and then withdrawn and your reporter leaves the impression that the children were callously treated.
Another is that gun owners callously ignore such deaths of the innocent.
The GOP Senate leadership's antipathy toward gay and lesbian Americans apparently runs so deep that they were able to callously turn their backs on hate-crime victims and their families, even as statistics show that hate crimes are on the rise," said Elizabeth Birch, executive director of the Human Rights Campaign, a gay lobby.