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Synonyms for callously

Synonyms for callously

in a callous way


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"It is disgusting that someone callously dumped them just like pieces of rubbish.
I say "callously" because she is knowingly causing huge anxiety among the public and businesses.
It is the owners of Coventry Airport who should hold their heads in shame for callously advertising positions at the airport, knowing full well that without the necessary approvals they would not be able to sustain posts on a permanent basis.
A wonderful thing that has been callously stolen from thousands of kidney cancer victims in the Midlands.
This Government is being callously unsympathetic in refusing to face facts and displays appalling arrogance.
Clifford Lees, 42, who callously shot a defenceless officer, could not cope with the relaxed culture at HMP Sudbury, Derbys.
I wish him the best of luck in that fight and I suggest that once all this is put behind them, Trevor and Kerry re-affirm their vows and hold the party that they were so callously denied.
FASCINATING letters by Cardiff-born media mogul Hugh Cudlipp have revealed how Robert Maxwell was warned against "callously stalking" celebrities.
But then she callously goes on to say that some of the bodies of the victims might never be found.
PC Jake Good said: "The driver gave no thought to the victims and callously drove off from the scene."
I JUST want to say well done to the person who 'WON' at least pounds 130 at Aintree Ladies Day when they found my bag, callously robbed my money before dumping it to be found by a passer by who then handed it into the police station, I hope you had a fantastic time that night as I went home in tears.
Apart from being sympathetic to the women he callously duped, they should be thanked for having the courage to expose him for the low-life that he is.
This woman has been through enough without being treated so callously by the company who have no doubt taken her money for years.
When she orders him to tell May, he callously says they should wait until the baby's born so they can make off with her money, which doesn't sound like him.
Abbottabad -- A local journalist, Sohail Khan was callously killed when he was on his way to home as a penalty of publishing a news story against such a group of locally narcotics sellers in a broad day light, Wednesday.