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severing the corpus callosum so that communication between the cerebral hemispheres is interrupted (in cases of severe intractable epilepsy)


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After to removal this cortical block, (Figure 2 a, 2 b) the next step is the completion of the transventricular parasagittal callosotomy (8).
Spike-monitoring of anaesthesia for corpus callosotomy using bilateral bispectral index.
Evaluation of efficacy and safety of anterior corpus callosotomy with keyhole in refractory seizures.
By the end of the novel, Tichy's left brain finally discovers in Morse code a foolproof means of communicating with his right brain in spite of the callosotomy.
Finally, 16 (32 percent) of these patients had surgery, undergoing a lobectomy, tumor removal, or corpus callosotomy to remove or control the seizure focus.
b) I am certainly willing to say that when a human being's brain is split by a callosotomy, her mind is split and thus may be said to become two minds, one based in the left brain and one in the right.
Corpus callosotomy is a palliative surgical approach that aims to control potentially harmful seizures, for instance, atonic or drop seizures, preventing the spread of epileptic electrical activity (4).
After video EEG monitoring, a corpus callosotomy was performed.
Common Surgical Procedures for the Treatment of epilepsy Anterior temporal lobectomy Amygdalohippocampectomy Extratemporal resection Lesionectomy Corpus callosotomy Hemispherectomy and large multilobar resections
It is less clear why McDougall was convinced that if he underwent a surgical callosotomy his consciousness would remain unitary, i.
They wanted to perform a corpus callosotomy, where the bundle of nerve fibers connecting the brain's hemispheres are partially or completely severed.
A surgery called a corpus callosotomy either partially or completely severs the corpus callosum--the nerve fibers that connect the brain's hemispheres.
She may now be facing surgery, either implantation of a vagus nerve stimulator or a corpus callosotomy.
She is now facing two possible surgeries to help control the seizures: implantation of a vagal nerve stimulator (a device which electronically stimulates the vagus nerve in the neck), and/or a corpus callosotomy (a surgical procedure to separate the two hemispheres of the brain).
Corpus callosotomy is sometimes per-formed when the patient has generalized seizures or when the specific area of the brain where seizures begin (the "seizure focus") cannot be identified.