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an area of skin that is thick or hard from continual pressure or friction (as the sole of the foot)


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Although, there was some discrepancy between studies, but most of researches approve that some association exist between hyperkeratosis and teat-end callosity with mastitis and milk quality.
In ankle valgus the callosity is under the medial malleolus and in hindfoot valgus under the talar head.
5-4 cm long, green, occasionally suffused with purple, or completely maroon, densely pubescent; proximal and distal blades of approximately the same shape and size, ovate to elliptic, (4-) 6-11 x (2-) 3-4 (-5) cm, fleshy, the base often slightly asymmetric, cuneate to decurrent, the apex acute, occasionally shortly acuminate, the margins subentire to slightly serrulate, with 15-30 teeth on each side, teeth of two-size classes, each tooth with a distal callosity, the adaxial surface bright green, pubescent, the abaxial surface pale green suffused with purple, densely pubescent, the venation semicraspedodromous, with eight to ten pairs of secondary veins, irregularly spaced, excurrent to mid-vein, higher order veins reticulated, submarginal vein absent.
When preventive measures are not instituted skin callosity, erythema, decreased local skin resistance, general discomfort and neoplasm develop [7].
Presence of a callosity at the anterior border of the 2nd tergite.
Evaporatoria greyish brown, other parts of ventral surface thorax and abdomen black, abdominal sternites III-VII each with a yellowish anterolateral callosity neighbouring spiracle anteriorly (Fig.