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Synonyms for callipygian

pertaining to or having finely developed buttocks


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Lovely Frankish women, foulfleshed and sinful, appearing proudly in public, ripped open and patched up, lacerated and mended, making love and selling themselves for gold, callipygian and graceful, like tipsy adolescents, they dedicated as a holy offering what they kept between their thighs, each trailed the train of her robe behind her, bewitched with her effulgence, swayed like a sapling, and longed to lose her robe.
In the remaining pages, I will argue that Ruiz's extensive use of statues--in particular the Callipygian Venus--throughout the film is one way, among others, that he calls attention to a material trace in the figural image.
36) The Greek Anthology contains numerous poems that praise a young man's callipygian charms, but none in which the poet offers his own ass for an admirer's inspection.
My ribs were individually observable and palpable, and my butt--never callipygian at its best--disappeared.
She was, quite simply, the only callipygian I'd ever met who knew what the word meant, and I guess for me, that clinched it.
The other top vote-getters, in alphabetical order, are callipygian, conundrum, delightful, flummox, hope, ineffable, isthmus, language, lovely, murmur, oxymoron, quintessential, squelch, and tintinnabulation.
Some of my favourites were cerebriform (brain shaped) catenate (linked, as in a chain), cancroid (crablike) capreolate (with tendrils) - and don't miss callipygian (having beautiful buttocks).
Based near Austin, Texas, Callipygian Games is a small team of dedicated developers, most of whom make their contribution after their regular 'day jobs' in the games industry.