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Synonyms for callipygian

pertaining to or having finely developed buttocks


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Mover frequently makes illusionist mischief, bringing flatness and dimensionality into illogical convergence--as in The Tiger's Wife, in which an elongated pink shape registers as a transparent flat plane on one end while, on the other, the artist has used shading to model two fleshy callipygian lobes.
My ribs were individually observable and palpable, and my butt--never callipygian at its best--disappeared.
She was, quite simply, the only callipygian I'd ever met who knew what the word meant, and I guess for me, that clinched it.
The other top vote-getters, in alphabetical order, are callipygian, conundrum, delightful, flummox, hope, ineffable, isthmus, language, lovely, murmur, oxymoron, quintessential, squelch, and tintinnabulation.
Some of my favourites were cerebriform (brain shaped) catenate (linked, as in a chain), cancroid (crablike) capreolate (with tendrils) - and don't miss callipygian (having beautiful buttocks).