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Synonyms for calling card

a card that is used instead of cash to make telephone calls

a printed or written greeting that is left to indicate that you have visited

a distinguishing characteristic or behavior

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Labourers were particularly happy to receive calling cards which gives them a great opportunity to call their families back home on the occasion of Eid al Adha.
Before suspension, on each calling card of Rs100, withholding tax (income tax) of 12.5pc was deducted under Section 236 of the Income Tax Ordinance, 2001, by the Federal Board of Revenue, whereas 17pc excise duty was charged from users in Islamabad Capital Territory.
But she also opened up about how Caron, who presented Blue Peter, believed in angels and thought that a single white feather was an angel's calling card.
Ooredoo has launched the new Dawli QR 5 international calling card, said to be the company's lowest ever international calling top-up option for Hala customers.
Asif Saeed, owner of cell phone shop, lodged a complaint with the local police that thieves broke into his shop and made off with Rs51,000 cash, 80 cell phones, calling cards worth Rs50,000 and other valuables worth over Rs0.3 million.
Thuraya has announced the launch of Calling Card -- a market solution that reinforces value-for-money, convenience and versatility for both individual users and business managers.
Last week, model Alyzza Agustin found herself in hot water after she posted on Facebook a calling card of Chief Supt.
Calling cards were allowed in 2008 as a simple way for independent ISD and STD operators to access retail subscribers.
Under the International Calling Card Services (Access Charges) Regulations, 2014, "Every International Long Distance Operator, who intends to provide international long distance voice service through Calling Card, shall request, in writing, all the Access Service Providers to enter into interconnection agreements in accordance with the provision of the regulations made by the Authority and the terms and conditions of its licence agreement."
Hard-pressed for cash to buy these calling cards sold for Dh25 inside the prisons, many inmates trade their weekly quota of fruits with fellow prisoners who have money.
Reportedly, the plaintiffs in both the class action and the purported class action alleged that the defendants misled the purchasers of certain long distance prepaid calling cards as to the amount of minutes included in those cards.
This month also saw SamaA[degrees] tel participate in Muscat Keralotsavam, a threeA[degrees]day event at Marah Land, where it distributed free coupons to visitors to call home with Call Home IntA[degrees] ernational Calling Cards. The release said Samatel received a good response at the event and plans to continue its promotional activities at various other events happening around town.
What do prepaid calling cards and pizza have in common?
"We intend to take more stocks of Five calling cards and have been getting more queries about the card.