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Synonyms for calling card

a card that is used instead of cash to make telephone calls

a printed or written greeting that is left to indicate that you have visited

a distinguishing characteristic or behavior

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Thuraya has announced the launch of Calling Card -- a market solution that reinforces value-for-money, convenience and versatility for both individual users and business managers.
Vonage (NYSE: VG) has launched a new product that will answer the FCC's call for a better calling card option: the Vonage Digital Calling Card.
It is estimated that fraudulent calling cards may be costing Arab Americans up to $25,000 every day.
The calling cards will be given to the troops coming through Los Angeles International Airport en route to duty stations.
IDT Telecom provides retail and wholesale telecommunications services and products, including pre-paid and rechargeable calling cards, consumer local, long distance, and wireless phone services, and wholesale carrier services.
Chatterbox Telecom of Fort Worth, Texas launched its "Beep Beep" prepaid calling cards in January of 2006.
Oblio Telecom provides a broad array of prepaid international calling cards through a distribution network covering an estimated 60,000 retail locations nationwide and in Puerto Rico.
Solegy pre-built applications include SOHO broadband, voice VPN, wholesale peering, calling cards and callback.
Service used for international long distance communication: calling card, home provider, access number with no pin, 1010.
With the POSA calling cards, VeriFone merchants will now be able to swipe-activate "hard" cards at the point of sale to provide customers with a more durable product.
More than 250 Fonix calling cards have been distributed to local relief shelters across the affected areas, giving victims a chance to reach out to relatives and friends to let them know their situation.
OTC plans to continue to develop products like the Mexico futbol card, extending its line of uniquely designed prepaid calling cards to target a wider variety of ethnic markets.
OTCBB: IBAS), a leader in international long distance, VoIP, and prepaid calling cards, today announced at The Global Telecommunications Meeting that Callmate Telips, the first long distance and international private operator in Pakistan, has interconnected with The iBasis Network(TM) for international voice services.
OTC engages its distributors in a collaborative effort for everything from the manufacturing, research and design to the marketing, distribution, and service of its prepaid calling cards.