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ISLAMABAD -- Rawalpindi Arts Council (RAC) would organize an exhibition of calligraphy by famous calligraphist Mohammad Azeem Iqbal on March 29.
The event was attended among others by district nazim Fahd Azam Khan, MNA Malka Anwar Taj, noted PTV calligraphist Rashid Bhatti, director sports Saleem Raza, renowned calligraphists from across the country, poets, artists and students.
A joint exhibition by a French artist and an Omani calligraphist opens this evening at Bait al Baranda.
Tent weavers, wood carvers and copper makers populate the halls while basket weavers and calligraphists ply their trade in the passageways.
"In addition, there will be henna painting for women and calligraphists will write visitors' names in beautiful Arabic calligraphy.
On the initiative of Prince Khaled, a number of prizes with cash awards have been introduced to honor outstanding poets, craftsmen, folk artists, photographers, calligraphists, and painting and sculpture artists.
Some of these places host craft markets at which artists attired in the garb of traditional calligraphists (Ong Do) produce and sell Tet artefacts such as the well-known 'parallel sentences' which are bought and hung on walls in homes.
The Cabinet also hailed the opening of King Fahd Complex's Forum for the Holy Quran's Most Famous Calligraphists held in Madinah as well as the First Saudi Conference for Orphans Care organized by the Insan Charitable Society for the Care of Orphans in Riyadh.
Turkish calligraphists have left for Saudi Arabian city of Medina to take part in an international exhibition.
In addition, there was henna painting for ladies and calligraphists wrote the names of visitors in beautiful Arabic calligraphic style all free of charge.
Initially, the calligraphists were brought from central Asia as they had knowledge of paper from China whereas the Indian calligraphists worked on birch bark.
Turkish calligraphists have always made the paper, pens and ink they used and the paper used to be painted with natural dyes.
'Not surprisingly, this new generation of 'calligraphists' were criticised both by the traditionalists, who were indignant at the insidious destruction of the basis of their tradition, which was western in approach - and the 'occidentalist' artists who saw it as a nostalgic and reactionary approach to the modernist challenge.
On March 18, the Working Journalists Calligraphists Union Karachi and the Karachi Union of Lino Workers and Compositors reiterated their demands for setting up the second wage board and considering lino workers and compositors as journalists, respectively.
More workshops for budding calligraphists include the following: