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Dubai - The Islamic & Arabic calligraphy exhibition being held on the sidelines of the 19th edition of the Dubai International Holy Quran Award (DIHQA) saw a distinguished participation from Emirati calligraphist Hussain Al Hashemi.
Islamabad -- Pakistan National Council of the Arts has invited calligraphist from all over Pakistan for participation in the National Exhibition of Calligraphy 2014.
The paintings are part of the exhibits displayed at the recently-concluded artistic workshop organised by the Iranian calligraphist at the visual art centre of the Ministry of Culture Arts and Heritage and the Iranian embassy in Doha.
Turkish calligraphists have left for Saudi Arabian city of Medina to take part in an international exhibition.
In addition, there was henna painting for ladies and calligraphists wrote the names of visitors in beautiful Arabic calligraphic style all free of charge.
Initially, the calligraphists were brought from central Asia as they had knowledge of paper from China whereas the Indian calligraphists worked on birch bark.
Turkish calligraphists have always made the paper, pens and ink they used and the paper used to be painted with natural dyes.
Ferguson opined confidently, "Considering the full details as to historical ownership, Song dynasty imperial seals, Song dynasty annotations, annotations by two of the most famous calligraphists, Su Shi and Dong Qichang, and its present state of preservation, this scroll is probably the most complete and perfect specimen of early Chinese paintings in any collection.
They also inspected calligraphy exhibition at the university and appreciated the calligraphists who participated from different parts of the country.
There was also henna painting for ladies and calligraphists who wrote the names of visitors in Arabic.