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someone skilled in penmanship

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She said that she wanted to be a world known calligraphist and it could only be happened if government would organize exhibitions at schools level adding that the government only included sports in extra curricular activities while this type of art was the real back bone of the activities.
The National Exhibition of Calligraphy is a regular feature of PNCA as tribute to the Holy Month of Ramadan and to provide opportunity to the young and master calligraphists to showcase their fresh works.
The data of the real world may even be reversed, and the calligraphist who attempts to visualise and express a sacred emotion is no longer a proponent of meaning, but a receiver of meaning, receptive and active at the same time, and aware that understanding is not immediately accessible and that it must be translated into an altogether different code from the ones that are known.
He further said that the writer could be traced as the letters were hand written and a calligraphist could help.
And well known calligraphist Tom Fleming, who worked with Sir John as a surveyor with the Coal Board at Newbiggin in Northumberland, created a plaque and paperweight on behalf of the fans to present to the multi-millionaire.
Mr Bu Saad graduated with a bachelor in fine arts from the University of Baghdad and worked as a calligraphist in the Ministry of Education (MOE) in 1973, as well as an art design specialist in textbooks in 1992 and an educational aids superintendent in 2004.
Ismail is essentially a calligraphist, distinguished for paintings and sketches that markedly stand out from the vast body of calligraphic works in the city.
To be qualified as a first-degree calligraphist, one must pass a three-step exam that I took successfully.
He belongs to a humble background, and became a calligraphist after metric.
Seyyedeh Soghra Hosseini, calligraphist, said that she has presented 18 tableaux featuring Quranic verses and poems by noted Iranian poets.
A cruise on the Bosphorus, accompanied by a marbling artist, a calligraphist, a Turkish coffee fortune teller and some live music has us sailing past stunning views of both sides of the continent.
Mohammad Al-Qaisi, 27-year-old calligraphist, showed great comfort in using QurAAEanic verses, Hadeeth and prayers in artistic productions.
Jottings[TM] Collection by Pallas Textiles, Green Bay, WI The Jottings Collection of four upholstery fabrics is designer Lori Weitzner's inspired interpretation of the unique calligraphic markings of Jan Baker, a calligraphist and professor of graphic design.
Esther (Langlois or) Inglis, the Celebrated Calligraphist.
Dubai - The Islamic & Arabic calligraphy exhibition being held on the sidelines of the 19th edition of the Dubai International Holy Quran Award (DIHQA) saw a distinguished participation from Emirati calligraphist Hussain Al Hashemi.