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someone skilled in penmanship

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Baybayin advocate and calligraphist Ian 'Taipan' Lucero underscored the importance of preserving the country's culture, including keeping indigenous scripts alive.
He appreciated the works of the 85-year old calligraphist, Aftab Ahmed Khan, who was not present at the exhibition due to his illness.
He also visited masterpieces of calligraphy material created by the calligraphist. 85-year-old artist Aftab Ahmed Khan was not personally available in the exhibition due to his illness.
The cover lot is an untitled work by leading Middle Eastern artist, Mahmoud Hammad estimated at USD 20,000, other entries of Middle Eastern art include works by renowned painter and sculptor, Khaled Ben Slimane and French-Iraqi calligraphist, Hassan Massoudy.
Talking to the Prime Minister, the calligraphist said she is overwhelmed by his political struggle and vision.
Abdullah added: "To promote the language and culture we have invited Hakawatis, an oud player and a calligraphist on Arabic Language Day tomorrow so that UAE residents can join and experience the beauty of the Arabic language and traditions.
An heir to the Qing Dynasty--the last to have reigned over the Chinese empire--he was a painter, calligraphist, novelist, author of novellas, poet, essayist, and translator.
The Olympic torch relay re-enacted a heartbreaking scene in which Sin Saimdang, an artist, writer, calligraphist and poet during the Joseon Kingdom, parted ways with her mother, as she held the hand of her own young son, Yi I.
Viewing hand-formed pottery, or the lines of a draftsman, or the lettering of a calligraphist, we unconsciously identify ourselves with their makers: We seem to follow vicariously the imagined muscular exertion in the nervous experience of the craftsman as if experiencing it ourselves.
A hand-written Holy Quran will be produced by a Bahraini calligraphist as part the festivities.
The Bahrain Light Festival will also feature the work of renowned Arabic calligraphist, Karim Jabbari, who will be exhibiting innovative installations inspired by the Arabic typography.
Kardar and his fellow artist and calligraphist, M Ismail, later a noted character actor in post-partition Pakistani films, sold their properties and in 1928 established a studio on Ravi Road, near Bhaati Gate.
The Arabic element of the word mark was created by renowned Qatari calligraphist Ali Hassan.
The Arabic element of the word mark was designed by renowned Qatari calligraphist, Ali Hassan.
Hamouda is a calligraphist. Most of his themes express freedom and freedom of expression.