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of or relating to or expressed in calligraphy


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They include six violin concertos from a remarkable source--an autograph calligraphically worked score clearly of 1738, which was preserved in Vienna.
As in the paintings, DeVine constructs these charcoal drawings calligraphically, with line predominating over form.
At such sites, countless pots removed from dozens of violated tombs lie discarded on the floors of trenches; but among them perhaps one in 5000 may have been a vessel vividly and calligraphically painted with extraordinary scenes in settings that may be mundane or otherwordly.
In his Evening Landscape (Dulwich Gallery), perhaps the most accomplished picture in the exhibition, a bridge divides the picture, the upper half of which is faint sky and cloud-trailed twilit fell, so that the rustics who meet on the bridge with their animals stand dramatically out against the gloaming, which is calligraphically fretted by their animals' legs.
Apparently, this engraved stone (which you would overlook completely at a boot fair or a junk market) relates to similar rock-cut inscriptions at Mount Sala near Medina which links it calligraphically to a letter sent from the Prophet Mohammed to the ruler of al-Hasa in the Persian Gulf early in the 7th century.