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of or relating to or expressed in calligraphy


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Baruchello's paintings are also made from found material, but the "clips" used for the creation of a narrative are images layered in the mind and restored to the world through a reconstruction that is drawn almost calligraphically, defining the image through a technique like that of a graphic or fashion designer.
the use of y throughout in texts where <y> and <[THORN]> are not calligraphically distinguished) may be open to debate; but certainly the approach is stated with complete clarity.
Located in south Delhi is the Qutab Minar, an architectural marvel built with red sandstone and decorated with verses from the Koran etched calligraphically. Other popular ones are India Gate, Jantar Mantar, Red Fort and Old Fort.
They include six violin concertos from a remarkable source--an autograph calligraphically worked score clearly of 1738, which was preserved in Vienna.
For centuries, the language was written in a script derived from Arabic and which, calligraphically beautiful as it may have been, was totally unsuited to the language.
calligraphically, creating hard flecks or nodules of meaning and sound.
As in the paintings, DeVine constructs these charcoal drawings calligraphically, with line predominating over form.