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Synonyms for calligraphic

of or relating to representation by means of writing

Synonyms for calligraphic

of or relating to or expressed in calligraphy

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Fast forward to 2019, these calligraphic works have been obliterated, and the authorities at the gallery, as well as PNCA claim to know nothing about when or how this happened.
He told reporter that Professor Zahid Butt has given a collection of the 22 Quranic scripts, 22 calligraphic pieces and 30 Hadith and Tafseer books for the museum.
Maqbali completed the piece with calligraphic words something to the effect that 'look deep and you'll understand the meaning of life,' he said through an interpreter.
She says that she had drawn calligraphic portraits of Allama Iqbal and the Amir of Qatar in her studio.
A large number of visitors on Tuesday thronged the calligraphy exhibition at Lok Virsa featuring a collection of over 50 pieces of calligraphic art by Mohammad Azeem Iqbal at the Lok Virsa Heritage Museum.
The exhibition will show fifty calligraphic artefacts and paintings on Islamic arts in various mediums like leather, wood work, copper and precious stones.
Own a brick campaign is supported by a calligraphic art exhibition this Ramadan.
Visitors and artists during the calligraphic arts exhibition, 'Silent Prayers', at Pakistan Association Dubai.
It was the piece titled "Breaking Dawn", which was exhibited in the Netherlands and was part of her major exhibition, "In, At, Around" at Karachi's Unicorn Gallery that gave birth to her calligraphic landscapes.
Iran, 1939) who describes his process as something of a sublimation of self, calligraphy which 'arrives from an unknown place, encompassing or captivating its object, like an elixir that transforms a person into gold.' These are in the company of more overtly politicized artists, among them Mounir Fatmi (b.1970, Morocco), whose statement reads; 'We are witnessing a permanent state of insecurity, in which every certainty can be deconstructed, and there is neither centre nor transcendence.' In the accompanying images this disembodied existential flux is brought into lacerating materiality; calligraphic characters rendered in sharp steel.
Adding to the fascinating layers of national meaning and symbols, visitors will find that five new calligraphic installations have been introduced to reinforce the museum's unique identity and celebrate its rich display of the nation's heritage and culture.
Over 40 pieces of calligraphic artwork artistically inscribed with selected verses from the Holy Quran, have been showcased in the exhibition.
Produced in 1293 Hijri, or in the year 1876, its facade is embroidered with calligraphic forms of verses and Islamic motifs.
In recent past the main arch of the mosque was repaired by government authorities and a calligraphic aayat of Holy Quran, carved on stone was replaced from the mosque to National Museum of Pakistan.