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Sultan Abdullah bin Hadda Al Suwaidi, SEDD chairman, honoured the calligraphers who completed "Arabic Language and Calligraphy Rules" workshop.
Speaking on the occasion, Iftikhar Arif said the calligraphy book was published by Calligraphers Association Pakistan and comprised over various training exercises of Nastaleeq Font to facilitate the students.
Such shows aspire to bring more opportunities for local calligraphers of other cities to get their skills recognised and appreciated.
Out of 90 shortlisted art works, the final jury, comprising over senior calligraphers, selected 18 art pieces prepared in Nastaleeq, Thuluth and modern style calligraphy who will be awarded in the ceremony.
Calligraphy would only make a special appearance after a hard day's work, until one day husband Bassem Zbeeb (who she had incidentally met at the Sharjah Calligraphy Biennial in 2004 and "within a month, we invited our colleagues who were calligraphers to celebrate our engagement in the Biennial itself") advised - "Quit your job and keep your art".
Ahmed Sayed Ahmed, 30, is one of the most well-known calligraphers in the Ghouria area of central Cairo, where he has worked for more than 15 years.
'By the time I was 17 or 18, the senior calligraphers in the newsroom were upset with me because I would write the headline for the lede stories.
As many as 15 prominent calligraphers bagged gold medals including Mansab Dar, Zaki Sheikh, Iqbal Mughal, Imran Pasha, Zulqarnain, Mohsin Raza, Zubair Akram, Tabish Sialvi, Ummaima Ijaz, Aisha, Ammarra, Mariyum Faiz, Amina Arif, Hasaan and Muhammad Arshad.
Vice Chancellor Sargodha University Dr Ishtiaq Ahmad was the chief guest and he acknowledged the dedication and commitment of the calligraphers and painters.
"If she continue to practice like this I am sure she will be among the top Arabic calligraphers in the world.
He appreciated the exhibition of Iranian calligraphy and informed that Iranian calligraphers would also train youngsters in Pakistan.
A good number of art-lovers attended the exhibition, which will continue till Jan 10, under the auspices of the Calligraphers Association of Pakistan.
Boasting a thriving past as an economic hub back in the Qing Dynasty, Toucheng Township in the northeastern municipality of Taiwan is undergoing a transformation involving the implementation of 3D wall murals on old buildings, installation of calligraphy inscription tablets featuring writings by renowned local calligraphers, and more.
The Cultural Development Fund sector organized this forumin cooperation with the fine arts sector, Cairo Opera House, foreign cultural relations sectorand the Syndicate of Calligraphers. China is theguest honor for the first time at the Arabic Calligraphy Arts Forum, presenting Arabic calligraphy in various forms and styles.
Hurst is a professionally trained calligrapher and has studied with many of the best calligraphers in the world, including White House calligraphers and calligraphers to the Royal Family in England.