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On the occasion, Calligraphers Association of Pakistan General Secretary Irfan Ahmed Qureshi said, 'We demand from the government to hold an inquiry to find out mismanagement in the competition that has not only deprived the deserving candidates of prizes, but also tarnished the image of the country.
Irfan Siddiqui said calligraphers who participated in the competition will be given free of cost training at Calligraphy Wing of National Language Promotion Department (NLPD).
The president said exhibition of different forms of calligraphy by young calligraphers showed that cultural legacy of Muslims was being transferred from one generation to the other and the artistic expressions by the young Pakistani practitioners was a reflection of this bright cultural heritage.
Out of 90 shortlisted art works, the final jury, comprising over senior calligraphers, selected 18 art pieces prepared in Nastaleeq, Thuluth and modern style calligraphy who will be awarded in the ceremony.
learning calligraphy skills while the first-ever Directory of Calligraphers carrying
Mahfoud stressed the Directorate-General for Antiquities and Museums' keenness, since the very beginning of the war on Syria, to activate the role of this museum in reviving the Arabic Calligraphy through organizing relevant events, exhibitions, lectures, symposiums and training courses in cooperation with creative Syrian calligraphers.
Selection of Pakistani calligraphers in that competition reflect that the Pakistani calligraphers have a great potential to excel in this field, if are given patronage at the government level.
OSFA is being represented in the festival by the Calligrapher Sami
This artistic project was in the making for more than 10 months and involved creative contributions from calligraphers, digital artists, researchers, translators, art directors, printing experts and many others.
The Indian National Trust of Art Culture and Heritages (INTACH) J&K chapter, in collaboration with Department of Tourism, J&K, J&K Academy of Art, Culture and Languages (JKAACL), therefore, brought about an initiative to revive the lost art of Islamic calligraphy through "Khush Khat", an exhibition that showcases works of legendary calligraphers of Srinagar city.
The Cultural Development Fund Sector led by Ahmed Awad has organized this edition of the festival, named after the calligrapher Sheikh Mohammed Abdul Qader The minister of culture has expressed his pleasure with the quality of calligraphy works that prove how calligraphers love Arabic language.
Thirty expert calligraphers from 16 Arab, Muslim and foreign countries have gathered at the Dubai Festival City to participate in the ninth edition of the Ramadan Forum for Quran Calligraphy.
Your name is linked to the Iran Calligraphers Association, the largest Iranian society of art and culture," Francois Senemaud, the ambassador of France to Iran, told Amirkhani while awarding him the Legion of Honor during a ceremony in France's Embassy in Iran.
He admits that the lot of art editors, layout designers and calligraphers are never mentioned whenever the evolution and development of journalism in Pakistan is discussed at any forum, which is really frustrating.
He added that up to 45 calligraphers from the GCC member states are displaying 83 works, in Arabic.