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someone skilled in penmanship

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Lebanese Arabic-language calligrapher Mahmud Ba'ayun works at his workshop in downtown Beirut.
Brush with art: Calligrapher Tongxian Zhang, aged 78 (inset) at China Expression art gallery.
His uncle was not only a cleric with a house full of books; he was also a talented calligrapher. His mother was highly educated, had attended a Koranic school, and constantly quoted literary quotations and proverbs, clearly making a deep impression on the young Hassan.
Calligrapher's head defeat of Film Set, with the pair seven lengths clear of the third (who has run well in defeat since), did not look anything special at the time, but the subsequent victory of Film Set in a warm Newbury maiden, where he proved much too good for a couple of highly regarded colts, has given the form a stronger feel.
Having already shown up well on the sand on his debut, only moderate improvement would be needed to see Calligrapher home and hosed in this six-furlong affair.
LINGFIELD: 2.20 Buy On The Red, 2.50 Mirrored, 3.25 Daniel Thomas, 4.00 CALLIGRAPHER (NAP), 4.30 Astrodome, 5.00 Royal Straight
Muscat-based calligrapher and photographer Mohammed Mehdi, however, prefers his calligraphy to have literal meaning.
In the lobby, a Chinese calligrapher demonstrated the art of the brush and created Chinese names for the students and their parents before and after the performances.
During the Cultural Revolution a contingent of Red Guards showed up at the Shanghai home of the eminent calligrapher and writer Shen Yinmo (1883-1971).
Aside from his more than 300 musical works, he was a painter, poet, and calligrapher who studied sign language as well as Esperanto, an international language invented in the late 1800s.
At the scriptorium this past fall, calligrapher Brian Simpson arrived with a rolled-up batch of completed pages.
In the interview, Mouneer Al-Shaa`rani--artist, calligrapher and book-designer--traces his trajectory in the world of aesthetics from his early training in Damascus by the leading calligrapher of Syria to his study of Graphic Design and his subsequent exhibitions in the Arab World and Europe as well as his writing on the history and significance of Islamic art.
The stamp, designed by calligrapher Mohamed Zakariya, features the Arabic phrase "Eid mubarak" in gold against a blue background.
She is a calligrapher, and what she writes matters less than how she writes: beautifully.
LAHORE -- The Calligrapher Association of Pakistan organised an exhibition at Alhamra Art Gallery on Monday.