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someone skilled in penmanship

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The president said the exhibition of different forms of calligraphy by young calligraphers showed that cultural legacy of Muslims was being transferred from one generation to the other and the artistic expressions by the young Pakistani practitioners was a reflection of this bright cultural heritage.
Calligraphy is the glorious form of Islamic art and Pakistan is gifted with some of the world renowned calligraphers who have made their mark not only at home but abroad as well.
dedicated to a legendary calligrapher, Abdul Majeed Parveen Raqam to pay
Irfan Siddiqui said that it is a matter of great honour for the country that a Pakistani calligrapher is privileged enough to have his calligraphic works on the walls of the holy mosque "Masjid-i-Nabwi".
includes several activities, in addition to hosting artists, calligraphers,
Adeeb is an engineer by profession, but he is also an accomplished calligrapher who has exhibited his work around the world and won many awards at international calligraphy competitions.
Your name is linked to the Iran Calligraphers Association, the largest Iranian society of art and culture," Francois Senemaud, the ambassador of France to Iran, told Amirkhani while awarding him the Legion of Honor during a ceremony in France's Embassy in Iran.
In 1954, he started his career as a professional calligrapher at Roznama Hilal-e-Pakistan and later worked with such leading newspapers as Kohistan, Roznama Mashriq, Akhbar-e-Khwateen and many other Urdu publications.
AN exhibition featuring the works of a creative local calligrapher went on display in the Bahrain Financial Harbour west tower lobby.
Omani calligrapher, Sultan Al-Defa'i who has five works in the forum, told KUNA that he merged modernity with letters, a way out of the classical method that has become hackneyed to some extent.
RAMALLAH, March 16, 2016 (WAFA) - Following in the footsteps of neighboring Arab and Muslim countries, President Mahmoud Abbas commissioned a local Palestinian calligrapher to produce the first Palestinian manuscript of the Holy Quran, which will bear the name of Al-Aqsa Mosque.
Jan Hurst has been a calligrapher for over thirty years, and has specialized in wedding calligraphy for the past decade.
Naskh is a specific calligraphic style that became popularised after the Kufi style, thought to be invented by the calligrapher Ibn Muqlah Shirazi.
There are novice-friendly features like "decoding cards'' that visitors can use to help identify the five major types of calligraphy throughout the exhibit; short videos of a contemporary Bay Area calligrapher at work; and a 17-minute animated movie that works as a contemporary and light-hearted coda.
Calligrapher Janet Smith is taking part in the Arts Weeks Open Studios and Galleries 2014 event.