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someone skilled in penmanship

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She is a calligrapher, and what she writes matters less than how she writes: beautifully.
The names of the artisans who created Islamic carpets, pottery, metalwork, and glass are mostly unknown, but calligraphers were highly regarded and often signed their works.
A master Chinese calligrapher taught students about the origins of Chinese characters and the "Four Treasures" of brush, ink, ink stone, and paper.
Barrass recounts that when the modernist calligrapher Gu Gan (1942-) met Antoni Tapies during a visit to Europe, the Catalan painter told him that abstract expressionists owed much to "the Chinese calligraphers who enabled [them] to understand the emotional language of using the skills of the brush.
The book has been made up by Hilton Studio of Lichfield, the calligraphers, who have supplied and inscribed the Books of Remembrance since the crematorium first opened in 1968.
Benedictine monks in Minnesota have teamed up with calligraphers at a scriptorium in Wales to create the Saint John's Bible, the first Bible to be written and illustrated entirely by hand in more than 500 years.
Veteran calligrapher Sugioka was chosen for his achievements in producing lofty and profound tones in his works.
A Petrarchan allusion to Danae relates his text to its matrix printing; and the calligrapher Palatino evokes Danae by drawing a bed (letto) as a pun on "intelletto" in a Petrarchan rebus.
contemporary performance artist and calligrapher Bokuden Matsuda of Japan will produce a new large-scale piece in a performance on the Seattle Asian Art Museum's front terrace.
Microsoft is licensing CalliGrapher software from Vadem division, ParaGraph, which allows users of the companies Clio machines to write directly onto a tablet-style screen.
With the inclusion of ParaGraph PI's CalliGrapher handwriting recognition software, the MobilePro 750C gives our customers the true flexibility of using both handwriting and typing for data input and storage," said Mike DeNeffe, director of marketing for Handheld PCs at NEC Computer Systems Division (NEC CSD).
A well-respected typographer, Mamoun Sakkal of Sakkal Design is a calligrapher and typeface designer who has received international awards in both calligraphy and typeface design.
The 3D artwork created by prominent Iraqi artist and calligrapher Sabah Al Arbili depicts a tree with overlapping branches that have leaves carrying the 99 names of Allah.
The relationship between the calligrapher and the script goes beyond the art piece canvas, it's an unexplainable state of mind that the calligrapher and the calligraphy live in.
As soon as you have booked the venue, you should already be scheduling a visit with your calligrapher.