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Manama, Aug 28 (BNA): His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa received at his residence in Istanbul the Honorary Consul General of Bahrain in Istanbul, Abdullah Tivnikli, who presented to him a copy of the Holy Quran featuring the same calligraphy as the Holy Quran copy found in the Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum, Topkapi Palace in Istanbul, and which was calligraphed by Ahmed Karahisari during the reign of the Ottoman Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent.
The meditation room had comfortable chairs and a sofa arranged at the edges of the room, inside of which was a sitting circle anchored by Diane's station, where she kept a singing bowl with its mallet and cards calligraphed with inspiring messages--"breathe," "when mindfulness embraces those we love, they will bloom like flowers," "be kind." Diane herself sat on her meditation stool, bowing slightly as we sat down on the floor.
Calligraphed in ornate script, the book contains the Latin text of the four Gospels of the Christian scriptures, accompanied by many full-page miniatures.
The visitor centre is free to visit and has calligraphed boards explaining everything there is to know about bees, wall murals of the surrounding areas, and a glass panel showing the internal workings of an actual bee hive where you can watch the bees coming and going.
This copious and exquisitely calligraphed manuscript surfaced at auction in Germany in 2008.
Each folio usually has the illustration on the recto, with the related text in rare cases calligraphed above, but most often on the verso of the previous folio (which would have faced the illustration in a bound volume).
You can now bring back home, in a bag calligraphed by the renowned Cathy Wu Ho, a bottle of the cognac's 330th Anniversary XO Limited Edition, packaged in an electric blue box.
Gurdeep Sappal, OSD to Vice- President Hamid Ansari, who is also chairperson of the upper house, told M AIL T ODAY that the calendar is part of the history and heritage series which reproduces the original historical document hand calligraphed volume of the Constitution by Nandalal Bose.
However, the Baha'i World News Service cited photos showing professionally calligraphed placards on pink, orange and blue cardboard and said that proved the demonstration was planned in advance.
There are figures carved between those ancient symbols--the date of his death, 30lh July 1868, and his name calligraphed on the stone.
Through dots, lines, surfaces, light, space, sound, rhythm, movement, time, (14) the calligraphed character manages to stimulate not merely the sense of sight, but also the tactile sense, or the sense of direct touch.
According to the officers in the archives department in Kashmir, the Holy Quran may have been calligraphed by Baba Dawood Khaki," he added.
The digitisation work began with the electronic preservation of copy of the 12th century Holy Quran calligraphed by Fateh Ullah Al-Kashmiri.
It is a catalogue of all known texts by the Armenian master Mesrop of Xizan (1608-1652), with a specific focus on the London Gospel Book, which he illuminated, calligraphed, and bound.
It is juxtaposed with a ceramic bowl from 10th century Iran with black minimalist calligraphed words that read "Planning before work protects you from regret; prosperity and peace." An 800 knot silk carpet from the Safavid period, Mihrab tiles and illuminated manuscripts all invite you to discover the centuries yet to be unfurled.