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However, the Baha'i World News Service cited photos showing professionally calligraphed placards on pink, orange and blue cardboard and said that proved the demonstration was planned in advance.
There are figures carved between those ancient symbols--the date of his death, 30lh July 1868, and his name calligraphed on the stone.
Through dots, lines, surfaces, light, space, sound, rhythm, movement, time, (14) the calligraphed character manages to stimulate not merely the sense of sight, but also the tactile sense, or the sense of direct touch.
According to the officers in the archives department in Kashmir, the Holy Quran may have been calligraphed by Baba Dawood Khaki," he added.
The digitisation work began with the electronic preservation of copy of the 12th century Holy Quran calligraphed by Fateh Ullah Al-Kashmiri.
It is a catalogue of all known texts by the Armenian master Mesrop of Xizan (1608-1652), with a specific focus on the London Gospel Book, which he illuminated, calligraphed, and bound.
It is juxtaposed with a ceramic bowl from 10th century Iran with black minimalist calligraphed words that read "Planning before work protects you from regret; prosperity and peace.
Bukhari has calligraphed ninety nine names of Allah in different collages of colours in different sizes.
Jan has sayings posted all over the walls, many of which ended up in Corita's serigraphs, calligraphed in a-m-e-n script (all letters capped except those four letters) and whispering sentiments from some mystical LA of a different time.
It has 759 folios of calligraphed text and 258 paintings made by renowned artists of the time including Sultan Muhammad, Mir Musavvir, and Aqa Mirak.
Longstanding religious practice will be demonstrated through beautifully calligraphed manuscripts, models of mosques and other honoured objects, while contemporary photography, voices and film will convey the expression of Islam today, where faith infuses every aspect of life in the modern UAE.
The Khmissa magazine holder, calligraphed candlesticks by Sophia Tazi, and so many others
An elegantly calligraphed sign on the wall displayed a dictum by Sun Tzu: "All warfare is based on deception.
So was the Urdu version of my Jinnah work, on which I had worked alongwith Khawja Razi Haider for some six years and whose calligraphed and pasted copy was ready for printing.
For example, in the carefully calligraphed later versions of the Trois poemes d'amour, the length of a note's tail is highly expressive; the tails of notes on an 'e muet' are almost always longer than any other in the bar, and the tail of the very last note in the voice is immense.