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There are five new eyeshadow shades and two new Paperlash designs to complement the Calligraph:Ink liquid eyeliner.
In a tatty Rotterdam flat (where the word "Transience Rules OK!" should be calligraphed above the door) two gay women run through the social ephemera of their day.
The students calligraphed and painted eggs in unique and astonishing manners.
The Perlee signature jewelry creations are engraved with the arabesques of a calligraphed Van Cleef & Arpels signature.
Each circle features a calligraphed name of either the Prophet Muhammad, his grandsons Hassan and Hussain, and the first four caliphs.
the fog a bleared lens is a mirror an inward looking glass returning gray for green for glance and gaze blank stares one's very image morphed in its mute whites rephrased a lemma not the thing itself unembodied for an interval of hours out of that cloud of almost recovered unknowing an alphabet of silhouettes a lexicon made legible a stroke a branch a bramble calligraphs of other houses a ladder leant against a wall not only what's closest a stake at the property line and like memory behind the tipped bent upright stalks a sort of sunlight
As part of his promotion WO Scarf will receive the Queen's Warrant, a spectacular hand calligraphed document signed by the Secretary of State for Defence.
The first ever copy of the Indian Constitution was handwritten and it was calligraphed both in English and Hindi.
A gorgeous Cretan ikon represents Judaism's child, Christianity, and a delicately patterned and calligraphed pilgrimage certificate, no less than 118 centimetres high, is from their successor, Islam.
Ours included a mutual promise to "work for one another," "live with one another," and "build together a household of integrity." Ketubot are typically beautifully calligraphed works of art, and we spent a lot of time choosing the right text and design for ours.
An elegantly executed hammer and sickle on their own or entwined with flowers and foliage, or the initials RSFSR, elegantly calligraphed, are often the only design elements in plates.
The cursives of fever that calligraphed through me, the sudden urge to roar up a wall.
Manama, Aug 28 (BNA): His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa received at his residence in Istanbul the Honorary Consul General of Bahrain in Istanbul, Abdullah Tivnikli, who presented to him a copy of the Holy Quran featuring the same calligraphy as the Holy Quran copy found in the Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum, Topkapi Palace in Istanbul, and which was calligraphed by Ahmed Karahisari during the reign of the Ottoman Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent.
The meditation room had comfortable chairs and a sofa arranged at the edges of the room, inside of which was a sitting circle anchored by Diane's station, where she kept a singing bowl with its mallet and cards calligraphed with inspiring messages--"breathe," "when mindfulness embraces those we love, they will bloom like flowers," "be kind." Diane herself sat on her meditation stool, bowing slightly as we sat down on the floor.
Calligraphed in ornate script, the book contains the Latin text of the four Gospels of the Christian scriptures, accompanied by many full-page miniatures.