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a small display that will show you the telephone number of the party calling you

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Currently, he said, Yahoo's DomainKeys and Microsoft's Caller ID have their strengths and weakness.
When Call Intercept rings to announce a caller, the subscriber hears a distinctive ring and "Call Intercept" appears on the Caller ID display.
"With CTI Interactive's software, our Caller ID service gains innumerable capabilities that provide small businesses the type of highly focused customer information and analysis traditionally available only to large corporations," said Earl Williams, product manager for BellSouth Small Business Services.
To combat robocalls and caller ID spoofing, the FCC has allowed phone carriers to block calls that may be illegal and has taken action against scammers, issuing hundreds of millions of dollars in fines.
Customers experience benefits similar to BellSouth's Caller ID service when a second call rings through.
The service is particularly well-liked in the South, where one out of every two southerners has caller ID, according to the study.
With ICW, users can take advantage of traditional call waiting and caller ID services via the Web, meaning that while online they can identify who is calling and manage the call without losing their Internet connection.
MSN internet access subscribers will be able to take call waiting and caller ID to the web, so they know who is calling and can manage incoming telephone calls while online, eliminating the need for a second telephone line.
Sony's newest cordless phone, a 900MHz Digital Spread Spectrum cordless phone, has among its features Jog Dial, Caller ID, dual keypad and speakerphone.
Neustar has been actively engaged with the FCC to recommend solutions to stop phone calls where the caller ID appears to be spoofed or hidden, while ensuring safeguards are in place to avoid blocking legitimate calls.
Scammers are using fake caller ID information to trick you into thinking theyre someone who can be trusted.
New York, NY, July 23, 2014 --( SpoofTel originated in 2004 and is now the oldest and longest-running caller ID spoofing provider.
The display provides easy access to important call information, including phone number, number called, duration/progress of call and caller ID.--Polycom
DAVE: The phone is obviously not your best mode of communication (ever hear of *69 and Caller ID?).