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a small display that will show you the telephone number of the party calling you

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When we launched our mobile Caller ID service, we really saw a need for better call management capabilities," said Privus Mobile President Greg Smith.
Caller ID has been delayed since June 1, when customers were first given the chance to have their phone numbers blocked.
Call Waiting and Caller ID are two of the most popular enhanced telephone network services and more than one-third of U.
MediaFriends' TV Caller ID is an EBIF-enabled iTV application that delivers personalized caller ID notifications with on-screen call logs to multiple TVs in a home and is fully controlled by the user.
Under the PUC ruling, Pacific Bell cannot offer Caller ID until it finishes sending confirmation letters to customers who asked to have their numbers blocked.
New products include adjunct units, cordless and corded phones with Caller ID built in, and a "smartphone" co developed with transaction services company U.
Many Privus Mobile customers on Android phones rave about the Caller ID functionality.
That's good news for Caller ID manufacturers like Colonial Data Technologies Corp.
Now they will add phones with Caller ID capability and adjunct units more readily, Laria said.
As the first cross-carrier, real-time Caller ID solution in the world, Privus Mobile has helped thousands of mobile users achieve the same level of Caller ID service that landline phones have had for years.
In order to provide the Caller ID by June 1, phone companies had to prove to the California Public Utilities Commission that at least 70 percent of their customers know about the service.
Model TL6169 Caller ID is the step-up model with 127 name and number memory, as well as a four-line display, redial function, priority call tone alert, repeat call memory saver, out-of-area indicator and blocked-call indicator.
Privus Mobile gives Android users a way to switch from their landlines without sacrificing the features they've come to know and depend on like Caller ID.
It can be used with or without a Caller ID service, and can display a caller's name even in areas where name service is not available, the company said.
As the global leader in the development and distribution of mobile media, Handmark was the logical choice to serve as a provider for Privus Mobile's full-ranged Caller ID solution.