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a request by the manufacturer of a defective product to return the product (as for replacement or repair)


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After the layout change, the difference in callback rates faded away.
With the IRT callback line, riders can submit a ticket for a critical safety incident or accident through the app, including their contact number and short description of the event.
So, as a result of all this, I would like to request a callback from the supervisor, with a logical explanation as to why he did not give me a callback on the day he promised and a formal apology letter for all that I went through.
They, too, had lower callback rates for sales, security, and janitorial occupations than did young applicants, but the pattern was not as stark as it was for the older women.
Exceptions and errors are also handled by associated callback functions.
A bunch of our other friends got callback slips, too, as well as many of 'The Voice's' young artists.
Our new Callback App simplifies the process of making a call and therefore makes it much easier for customers to benefit from the highly discounted calling rate of AED3/min that the callback feature offers.
With the roaming service launched by deploying Defne's Roamers CallBack solution, the mobile operator is now able to offer its subscribers a cost-effective way to place calls when they are roaming outside its network.
And now businesses can enjoy the goodness of callback with less upfront investment and expedited implementation.
"Yet it is precisely the bachelor's degrees granted by the fastest-growing set of institutions that are associated with the worst callback outcomes for jobs requiring a bachelor's degree."
I have phoned Etisalat daily for advice and no one has called back, even though they gave me a callback reference number as well as a complaint number.
"The Advanced Cyber Attack Landscape" draws from blocking more than 12 million callback events from 184 countries logged by the FireEye platform across thousands of end-user appliances during 2012.
callback activities-89 percent-are associated with APT tools that are made in China