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subject to a demand for payment before due date

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Crabbe, L.E., 1991, "Callable Corporate Bonds: A Vanishing Breed," Financial and Economics Discussion Series 115, Federal Reserve Board.
In this study, the authors test whether callable bonds have lower agency costs of debt than non-callable bonds.
Callable Three Swap Debt Period Months Gain Gain Change Ended (Loss) (Loss) Ratio 3/31/2007 $1,000 $(900) 111% 6/30/2007 350 (310) 113% 9/30/2007 (400) 500 80% 12/31/2007 (100) 85 118% Next, the assessment and measurement of the hedging relationship must occur whenever the company's earnings are reported, and at least every three months.
The difference between inequality (2) and the traditional NPV rule is the quotient [r.sub.0.sup.c]/[r.sub.0]--the ratio of callable long and non-callable duration-matched risk-free interest rates.
Martin Schoppmeyer said he bought two callable CDs from A.G.
Issuers are likely to find more benefit in making longer maturity bonds callable. This is because there is a greater likelihood of wanting to replace the bonds the longer they are outstanding due to the potential for declines in interest rates or other factors discussed immediately below.
Some investors who several years ago bought municipal or corporate bonds sporting juicy, double-digit yields didn't read the fine print: A great many of these issues are callable. Thousands have had to bite the bullet when rich 12 or 13 percent yields were called, and the only available investments were paying maybe half as much.
The ED applies to accounting by investors or creditors for loans, receivables or other debt securities subject to prepayment, including mortgage loans and callable corporate debt.
Securities and Exchange Commission, assigned Asahi Mutual Life Insurance Company's (Asahi Life; Insurer Financial Strength: BBB-(Good)/Stable) proposed US dollar step-up callable cumulative perpetual subordinated bonds with interest-deferral options an expected rating of 'BB(EXP)'.
M2 EQUITYBITES-May 25, 2018-Arsted notifies holders of redemption of its EUR500m callable subordinated capital securities due 3013
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-May 25, 2018-Arsted notifies holders of redemption of its EUR500m callable subordinated capital securities due 3013
Global Banking News-August 21, 2017--American International to redeem callable notes
The Sukuk, issued in December 2009 with an original maturity of ten years (due 2019), are callable in December 2014.
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-August 22, 2014--World Bank prices USD 12.057m a 10-year step-up callable "green bond"