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subject to a demand for payment before due date

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All deposits accepted from individuals and Hindu undivided family (HUF) up to Rs 1 crore are callable, that is, have the facility of premature withdrawal.
Taiwan Stock Exchange (TSE) pointed out that callable bull/bear contracts boast high extent of leveraged investments and will expand the liquidity of the securities market, boosting the latter's international visibility.
9 November 2010 - S&P on Monday rated at A the upcoming USD-based subordinated callable notes of Singapore-based lender Oversea-Chinese Banking Corp Ltd (SIN:O39), or OCBC.
The US callable bond market has experienced dramatic changes in the last two decades.
Figures in parentheses are callable capital, which is not actually appropriated.
Martin Schoppmeyer said he bought two callable CDs from A.
Highest yields have come from callable agencies, he said.
25% annually, and be callable commencing on the fifth anniversary of their initial issuance.
Sections I and II contain background information on past research and on the callable Treasury bond market.
One part of the capital structure puzzle yet to be solved is the corporate bond call feature: Why are some bonds callable and others not?