calla lily

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South African plant widely cultivated for its showy pure white spathe and yellow spadix

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She seems lost in its fragrance, even at the expense of a nearby calla lily.
Mid notes include atlas cedarwood, smoked tea, royal calla lily and violet, while the dry down contains vetiver, fir balsam, leather and warm amber.
They each wore a sleeveless tea-length dress with a white tulle ballerina skirt Each carried a single long-stem calla lily.
Red orchids, Dutch calla lily, variegated lily grass and calathea are arranged in a glass container.
In the other divisional tie, Calla Lily defeated Daffodil 3-1 (3,130-3,034).
The calla lily is the quintessential representative of the aroid group on account of its unmistakable spadix and spathe, the ornamental ``flower complex'' found in all aroids.
Photo: There is no easier plant to grow in shade than the calla lily.
It is a sheet of cold rolled steel, texturized and formed in the shape of a calla lily.
The plants selected for a moon garden could include white chrysanthemum, cosmos, nicotiana, petunia, alyssum, delphinium, candytuft, star jasmine, white agapanthus, calla lily, iris, moonflower (white morning glory), and paperwhite narcissus.