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South African plant widely cultivated for its showy pure white spathe and yellow spadix

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MRT Shipai Stationi1/4Take route S8 or 129 (only travels to Zhuzihu area during Calla Lily Festival) to Zhuzihu.
Take route 126 Flower Festival Express to Yangmingshan Second Parking Lot and transfer to route 128, 129, S8, S9 or 131 (128 and 129 only travel to Zhuzihu area during Calla Lily Festival) to Zhuzihu.
STANDINGS (in order of wins, losses, overall pinfalls): 1 Carnation (11, 5, 12,369); 2 Anemone (11, 5, 12,107); 3 Yarrow (9, 7, 12,425); 4 Gladiolus (9, 7, 12,292); 5 Delphinium (9, 7, 12,236); 6 Cockscomb (8, 8, 12,361); 7 Tritoma (8, 8, 12,266); 8 Calla Lily (6, 10, 12,251); 9 Daffodil (6, 10, 12,210); 10 Waxflower (3, 13, 11,403).
Widely considered a staple of the shade garden, the calla lily is promoted here as a species for sunny exposures as well, as long as it is situated in fairly well-drained soil that is kept on the moist side.
Like the calla lily, the zephyr lily craves moist, fast-draining soil.
The plants selected for a moon garden could include white chrysanthemum, cosmos, nicotiana, petunia, alyssum, delphinium, candytuft, star jasmine, white agapanthus, calla lily, iris, moonflower (white morning glory), and paperwhite narcissus.
The calla lily is the quintessential representative of the aroid group on account of its unmistakable spadix and spathe, the ornamental ``flower complex'' found in all aroids.
The key to keeping calla lily plants looking good is to prune out all leaves and flowers as soon as they begin to bend.
It is a sheet of cold rolled steel, texturized and formed in the shape of a calla lily.
Another championship bulb-type plant is the calla lily (Zantedeschia aethiopica), that shade lover with the arrow-shaped leaves and the curvaceous, chalice-shaped white spathes.