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They wore emerald green strapless floor-length gowns with delicate ruffles down the sides and carried bouquets of white calla lilies.
3 x Avalanche roses 3 x crystal blush calla lilies 3 x dendrobium orchids 3 x cylinder vase 3 tea light holders 6 floating candles 1 round mirror Flower cost: pounds 25-30
Otherwise you might opt for three different-size vases, each with a different color flower -- such as tulips, roses and calla lilies.
She carried a hand-tied bouquet of white hydrangeas, cabbage roses, and calla lilies.
If you like Samantha, choose a mix of red peonies, black calla lilies and red amaranthus.
Orders over pounds 40 will receive five Free Calla Lilies Mixed worth pounds 11.
Camarena also had a green thumb, growing cymbidium orchids and her favorite flowers, calla lilies.
The bodice featured a sweetheart neckline with Swarovski crystals and embroidery throughout She wore a fingertip-length veil of silk illusion and carried a hand-tied bouquet of white calla lilies and roses.
Choose flowers with elegant lines such as calla lilies, anthurium, French tulips or heliconia.
Q: What can I do to get my different-colored calla lilies to bloom?
She carried a bouquet of orange and yellow calla lilies, Freesia, and orange Confetti roses.
Lilies are one of the most popular cut flowers but most people are only familiar with oriental, longi and calla lilies.
The hall had been transformed into a lavish '30s-era supper club with art deco pillars in silver and black, a big band on a stage draped with shimmery curtains and table arrangements of pale hydrangeas, white rosebuds and towering calla lilies.
The bride carried a bouquet of miniature white calla lilies and hydrangea, hand-wrapped with candlelight ribbon and an embroidered handkerchief belonging to her maternal grandmother.
Orders over pounds 40 will receive 5 Free Calla Lilies Mixed worth pounds 11.