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a challenge to a fight or duel

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In 2015 helicopters were called out on 493 times but in 2018, there were 672 call-outs.
Fire service group manager Darren Riddell said: "Each year, we attend numerous call-outs to false alarms within Aberdeen's multi-storey buildings.
So far this year, the brigade has already responded to 25 call-outs.
So far this year, the brigade has already received 25 call-outs. Last year, they were called out 140 times.
Waters around Argyll and Bute in Scotland were the next most dangerous, with 169 call-outs for every 100,000 people who live in the area.
In the Banska Bystrica Region there were 33 call-outs, and in the Prescaronov Region 28.In the Tren#269iacuten Region, firefighters intervened in 14 call-outs, and in the Bratislava Region 12 call-outs, SITA reported.
The group said it saw a leap in call-outs for pest control across the UK and Europe in the final six months of 2018, which helped underlying sales in the division jump 10.1% higher across the continent and 4.2% higher in Britain.
The ambulance call-outs were for staff illnesses, including heart attacks, as well as some industrial accidents.
And it has warned nearly one in four call-outs relate to a car failing to start.
"Our noticeably busier 2018 can in part be explained by the severe weather that occurred in March, during which we attended 17 call-outs compared to the usual average for March of seven, and the warm summer which saw us attend 26 incidents in July - setting a new highest number of call-outs for one month.
We submitted a Freedom of Information request to thecity councilasking for a complete rundown of how many call-outs there were to deal with rat issues in different parts of Liverpool between January and November 2018.
Cops will escort fire crews to call-outs across Renfrewshire on Bonfire night.
AMBULANCE call-outs to crisis-hit Birmingham Prison are set to hit a five-year high as paramedics respond to assaults, drug collapses and suicide attempts.
"There's a rat in mi kitchen, what am I gonna do?" Words to that effect have been the most frequently uttered when it came to local authority pest control call-outs over the past year.