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a challenge to a fight or duel

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Between 2008/09 and 2011/12, there were 54 incidents reported in North Wales, while the fire service responded to 31,972 call-outs, a rate of one incident for every 590 calls.
One of the 12 call-outs was after somebody had seen lights on Tryfan when it was a party coming down.
A spokesman for the team said it had carried analysis of call-outs and the number of people involved and said there was only a 1% difference in the figures compared to last year.
South Wales Fire and Rescue Service received more than 300 calls to incidents as crews battled the Bonfire Night blitz which was responsible for nearly half the call-outs.
But the service estimates it spent more like pounds 20,000 last year as some call-outs take up additional resources.
Mr Wright said most call-outs were for engine failures, although one was for a man trying to cross the River Conwy at 11.
But Aberystwyth coastguard manager George Crumpler fears the constant call-outs could put other lives at risk.
4,286 people have been rescued between 1983 and last year from 5,519 call-outs.
By the end of the year we could easily be looking at more than 115 call-outs.
one of the call-outs said someone had popped three LSD tablets, and ?
Whelan Pest Prevention has seen a 15% increase in rat-based call-outs in the last year.
Oliver Sherratt, Durham County Council's head of direct services, said: "We work with fire brigade to ensure our fire alarm systems are in good working order and have recently replaced and updated detection equipment in County Hall, which has already significantly reduced the number of alarm activations and potential call-outs to the fire brigade.
RAT-CATCHERS dealt with an astonishing 27,000 Welsh call-outs last year, and pest controllers warn parts of the nation are becoming UK hot spots for rodent and insect infestation.
The AA said it expects to respond to around 15,000 road traffic call-outs today - over a third more than an average Tuesday.
Over the last five years, London Ambulance Service responded to 11,780 alcohol-related call-outs involving under-18s at a cost of more than Au2.