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a telephone call to a radio station or a television station in which the caller participates in the on-going program

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Lib Dem leader David Faulkner said: "We are making the call-ins for two main reasons.
Sometimes call-ins are caused by legitimate reasons such as unexpected surges in an account volume due to one-time occurences.
The final key element involves a credible promise for "Help." During the call-in, Kennedy notes that prison staff must provide a credible promise of help that includes providing a moral community voice, possibly including ex-offenders, who can provide a pro-social influence and message.
Roberts accepts call-ins from entrepreneurs and executives solving the biggest challenges they face in business from a Christian perspective.
Challenger, notes that the 27 previous two-day call-ins have helped veterans translate their military experience to the private sector, helped older job seekers to overcome doubts about finding new work opportunities, and helped parents re-entering the workplace find their footing after several years of child-rearing.
Furthermore, the call-in approach is crossing wires with a strategy pursued by Oakland's city attorney that focuses on gang injunctions--a legal tool used in California and a few other states that limits alleged gang members' movements and associations.
The DistributionSuite Customer Service module allows you to track call-in complaints or service requests and, more importantly, the resolution of each call-in.
The police department has worked with the cable companies to produce programs in three different formats - a live call-in show, a talk show, and a fugitive-style show.
Some of these are syndicated, prepackaged cassettes so that a program aired in Wisconsin may feature call-in contributions from people in Idaho.
For example, a 10-part "cooperative legal seminar" consisting of 20-minute videos was first shown by satellite, with no call-in component, and then offered to nonsubscribers at $185 for a single tape and $1,400 for the total set.
"After the call-in there are three possible outcomes: they can send it back to the decision makers - the Cabinet - with their recommendations; they can send it to full council with their recommendations; or they can do nothing.
Joyce speaks to young people about the dangers of knife crime, going into gang "call-ins" at courts, and visiting schools with campaigners such as Christine Goodall, a surgeon who has had to rebuild many young faces because of violence.