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a return call

the recall of an employee after a layoff

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"We are always looking for ways to improve communication with our community and we are excited to be announcing this call-back line for riders for any safety-related matters they might have," Uber GM Loic Amado said.
With In-Call Rescue, Credit Union of Colorado customers who are on hold for two and a half minutes are told how long their expected wait time will be and given the option to request a call-back instead of having to wait.
"Patients are prioritised according to their clinical need and local performance indicators have been agreed with YAS which demonstrate that more than 90% of patients received a call-back within two hours.
Call rates are cheaper than $.01 for call-back on North American numbers.
I wonder why they have a call-back service if they are not going to call in one or two days.
NHS 24 managers were told last month to reduce their use of call-back after a report warned that risks associated with it had not been properly assessed.
A simple way to accomplish this is to clip a Patient Report Call-Back Sheet (PRCBS) to each report.
MEPs adopted a Resolution during the Strasbourg plenary session on November 21, arguing once again for a "call-back" right which would allow them to examine legislative proposals put forward by Committee which do not meet the interests of the Parliament.
There's a Web Call-Through application that allows users to reach an integrated contact center by clicking on a "Call Me" icon and either requesting a call-back or live text chat with a trained telehealth professional.
The Internet Suite enables call center agents to simultaneously handle voice, e-mail, Web-chat, Web call-back, call-through, co-browse and to provide the same level of customer support to e-commerce customers as traditional customers.[sections]
He disclosed that "call-back" licenses will be granted but a clear distinction will be made between "call-back" and "by-pass." "We have not agreed on any by-pass services but we have agreed call-back licenses will be granted, totally unrestricted over the period of transition by both Cable & Wireless and the countries of the OECS."
Not only do you have the advantage of rapid two-way communication between physicians and nurses - physicians are sometimes amazed to find themselves contacting the right nurse on the first call-back - but you have a more quiet, homelike atmosphere without the constant overhead paging."
international long-distance resellers offer call-back services to multinational firms or their customers abroad.
Call-Back Modem Security Software For Digital's Ultrix