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Synonyms for call







call for someone

call for something: demand

call for something: require

call on someone: request

call on someone: visit


call someone up: telephone


  • telephone
  • phone
  • ring
  • buzz
  • dial
  • call up
  • give (someone) a ring
  • put a call through to
  • give (someone) a call
  • give (someone) a buzz
  • give (someone) a bell
  • give someone a tinkle
  • get on the blower to

call someone up: enlist

call something off

call the shots


  • be in charge
  • be in control
  • give the orders

Synonyms for call

to speak or say very loudly or with a shout

to demand to appear, come, or assemble

to describe with a word or term

to communicate with (someone) by telephone

to go to or seek out the company of in order to socialize

to tell about or make known (future events) in advance, especially by means of special knowledge or inference

call for: to be a proper or sufficient occasion for

call for: to have as a need or prerequisite

call for: to ask for urgently or insistently

call off: to decide not to go ahead with (something previously arranged)

a loud cry

a telephone communication


that which provides a reason or justification

the act of demanding

an act or an instance of going or coming to see another

Synonyms for call

a special disposition (as if from a divine source) to pursue a particular course

a demand especially in the phrase "the call of duty"


Related Words

the characteristic sound produced by a bird

a brief social visit

Related Words

a demand by a broker that a customer deposit enough to bring his margin up to the minimum requirement


Related Words

a demand for a show of hands in a card game

a request

Related Words

an instruction that interrupts the program being executed

a visit in an official or professional capacity

Related Words

(sports) the decision made by an umpire or referee

the option to buy a given stock (or stock index or commodity future) at a given price before a given date


Related Words

assign a specified (usually proper) proper name to

ascribe a quality to or give a name of a common noun that reflects a quality

get or try to get into communication (with someone) by telephone

pay a brief visit

call a meeting

read aloud to check for omissions or absentees

Related Words

send a message or attempt to reach someone by radio, phone, etc.

utter a characteristic note or cry

stop or postpone because of adverse conditions, such as bad weather

greet, as with a prescribed form, title, or name


make a stop in a harbour

demand payment of (a loan)


Related Words

make a demand, as for a card or a suit or a show of hands

give the calls (to the dancers) for a square dance


indicate a decision in regard to

require the presentation of for redemption before maturation

challenge (somebody) to make good on a statement

declare in the capacity of an umpire or referee

lure by imitating the characteristic call of an animal

Related Words

order or request or give a command for

Related Words

order, summon, or request for a specific duty or activity, work, role

Related Words

challenge the sincerity or truthfulness of

consider or regard as being

rouse somebody from sleep with a call

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Call To Mind is joined by fellow Newmarket raider Prince Of Arran (Charlie Fellowes/Irad Ortiz), a winner over two miles at Meydan in February, and the French-trained Funny Kid (Christophe Ferland/Maxime Guyon).
Its sloping top and the religious air of the tablets unequivocally call to mind an open Bible resting on a podium.
Overall, the choreography is enhanced by images of animals roaming in the wild: The isolation of the dancers' body parts call to mind the gestures and attitudes of the various creatures.
Author Cathrene Valente Youngquist pairs both with a rhythmic Caribbean dialect in her re-creation of the Brothers Grimm tale The Three Billygoats Gruff Illustrated with vibrant colors that quickly call to mind the Caribbean's deep blue sea and luscious green terrain, the picture book is as fun to look at as it is to read.
11 call to mind the value of having members' e-mail addresses.
However, results of research on the purported health benefits of mirth call to mind a well-told joke with a punch line that falls flat.
In doing so, they call to mind the life, death, and Resurrection of Jesus and give thanks.
The moment is opportune, we believe, for Catholic Insight to call to mind for our readers some of the details of previous legislation and also decisions of the Supreme Court which affect present-day thinking.
Whenever I get into a conversation about Marilyn Nelson's poetry my mind always somehow comes back to the closing lines of "May Your Love Convert Lucifer," which embody the message and tone of her work as well as any passage of hers I can call to mind.
Comparisons between different works of Civitali himself can be instantly illuminated by reference to the illustrations (for example plates 16 and 26), but few readers are likely to be able to call to mind Antonio Rossellino's figure of St.
If in the end a critical reader does not quite find herself or himself at the very epicenter of Maya campesino thinking about the political world, Wells and Joseph have brought us closer to the motives and ideas of common people in revolt than any other recent study of popular protest one can call to mind. The untravelled distance finally results not from any failure of good intention, research, or imaginative nerve on the authors' parts, but rather from the elliptical nature of the documents at their disposal and the well known bias of such documents in favor of the literate and powerful as opposed to the uninscribed and poor.