call to arms

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a rallying term used by proponents of a cause

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I thought with the performances that he displayed, he pretty much answered Eddie's call to arms.
Mr Cayley said: "Not to shock them or upset them, but as a call to arms so we can resist these things together and move on in the right direction.'' The Roscoe lectures are available to listen back to by visiting the LJMU SoundCloud channel:
In A Call to Arms, Maury Klein explores how late 1930s America started to prepare for war--the infinitely complicated steps and how they affected the conflict abroad and society at home.
"We need everybody around, it is a call to arms for everybody in Stoke-on-Trent.
?Call to arms answered A CALL to arms for additional entries for the historic Royal Artillery Gold Cup at Sandown on Friday has reaped dividends, with the ranks for the military contest improved by 50 per cent.
"I am issuing a call to arms to the media the world over to hold the feet of Government officials and ministers like me to the fire" - Cabinet Office Minister Francis Maude, saying that journalists' "unique role" is to expose waste, incompetence and corruption.
Summary: David Cameron said he was "tingling" with excitement as he made a rousing call to arms to make London 2012 "the greatest show on earth".
A rousing call to arms that's as anthemic as it gets which is probably why it's leading Sky Sport's coverage of the Champions League.
STURBRIDGE - The Sturbridge Historical Society will present the Sturbridge Colonial Militia in a "Call to Arms" Saturday, June 23, on Sturbridge Common.
It was reported yesterday that former Prime Minister Tony Blair will soon get a call to arms from the No faction.
"A Call to Arms" was an appropriate title for this article when you consider how incensed those of us feel, who know this village well, when we read the description, "Hawarden''s' development as a mining village in the 20th century." The writer has obviously not visited this historic village, otherwise she would have realised how incorrect is her statement.
If you plan to attend Mike Daisey's "The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs," you might want to prepare an essay for the benefit of your friends and family on the topic of "Why I Am Throwing Away All My Electronics." Daisey's powerful, at times melodramatic call to arms is conditionally entertaining: If you allow yourself to have a good time listening to his evocative stories of computer culture and its cost in human suffering, you're bound to leave the theater changed.
AVID Cameron delivered a polished speech on a Ddifficult day to the Tory Party conference yesterday, but his call to arms to the British people was optimistic at best.
So what is exactly comprises of her call to arms? Read this article to find out more.
Today is my call to arms. Strike action will need to be sustained.