call the tune

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exercise authority or be in charge

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Players focused on club contracts rather than international glory call the tune - and it's not only Wales who suffer.
Airbus continued to call the tune, with keeper Steven Cann twice denying Marc Lloyd Williams before half time, while after the break he made a good stop to foil Owen.
EASTERN ARIA (4.30) is fancied to call the tune in the fillies' maiden at Southwell today.
After all, these are the guys who call the tune and charge exorbitant prices to get into matches.
Deedee, whose show name is Cobyco Call The Tune, took the top slot at the climax of the 101st show at the National Exhibition Centre last night.
Does "he who pays the piper" really call the tune: Wakeford's response
The club has a choice: is it serious about cleaning up its act, or will it allow the hooligan element to call the tune?
Work for radio brought him into contact with producer Walter Todds, who invited him in 1954 to take part in his newly devised radio show Call the Tune.
It is the clients who pay the piper who are in the best position to call the tune so this may be the breakthrough which can lead in the long run to a profound change in the culture of the industry.
After all, even in the brave new world of the Internet, the richest companies usually get to call the tune.