call the shots

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exercise authority or be in charge

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And one day we may learn that we are too small and inconsequential as a country to call the shots in the EU.
"We're very excited to perform for our fans," says Lauren, who is promoting the new campaign Call the Shots.
Soon to be a unitary authority, Durham County Council, must decide who will call the shots on budget spend and staff deployment.
That follows the release of their smash hit album Tangled Up, featuring chart-topping singles Call The Shots and Sexy No No No.
No No No leads the charge, and Call The Shots is set to replace Wannabe as the Girl Power anthem for a whole new generation.
and Call The Shots. Tangled Up is the band's fifth album and follows 2003's debut Sound Of The Underground in 2003, What Will The Neighbours Say in 2004, Chemistry in 2005 and last year's The Sound Of Girls Aloud.
Nadine Coyle, Cherl Cole, Sarah Harding, Nicola Roberts and Kimberley Walsh put on their purple dresses to film the promo for slick new single Call The Shots on Malibu Beach.
My fear is that nothing will really change and the present regime will continue to call the shots and put profit before players and success.
Author Cameron Johnson began twelve successful businesses before he turned 21, so his YOU CALL THE SHOTS: SUCCEED YOUR WAY--AND LIVE THE LIFE YOU WANT--WITH THE 19 ESSENTIAL SECRETS OF ENTREPRENEURSHIP is more than just philosophy, but applied lessons learned from real life.
The club's new backers either cannot or will not pay this amount of money, but without the shares to call the shots, they may be over a barrel of Sam's making.
Key is likely to be his lead-ability claims with sectionals suggesting he is very likely to call the shots and, should he turn the first bend in front, he will be a very tough nut to crack.
(Hope u used condms?) He didnt gv u his nmbr so he wnts 2 call the shots. 4get hm n fnd urself a real fella.
"Immunization: You Call the Shots" is a self-paced, interactive computer program that students can use independently.
With Elastosil R solid silicone rubber, processors can call the shots, starting with selecting the best processing method and producing the right elastomer compound, then pigmenting the material and finding the optimum processing window for the compound, according to the literature.