call the shots

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exercise authority or be in charge

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Although the handicapper has taken quite a severe view of that run, Call The Shots will be suited by the step up in trip today and, with Tony Dobbin booked to ride him, is fancied to get the better of the in-form Influence Pedler.
For each commodity--livestock, poultry, wheat, corn--four or five large companies call the shots, controlling the crop from seed to shelf.
When it comes to getting their own way, these days kids call the shots.
You Call the Shots is a fun, cost-effective way for us to collect valuable market data," said David Thompson, chief marketing officer at WebEx Communications.
He didnt gv u his nmbr so he wnts 2 call the shots.
With Elastosil R solid silicone rubber, processors can call the shots, starting with selecting the best processing method and producing the right elastomer compound, then pigmenting the material and finding the optimum processing window for the compound, according to the literature.
KEY ROLE: Stacey Jones could call the shots for Catalans Dragons
Administrations come and go in Canada's westernmost province - the latest being "social democrats" - but Macmilland-Bloedel (known reverently as Macblo) continues to call the shots.
THOSE Christmas You Call The Shots tips in full: 1) For a great view of a city, go to its tallest building.
The oppressive Taliban regime in Afghanistan has been replaced by an interim government composed of terrorists from the Russian- and Iranian-backed Northern Alliance, leaving the Moscow strategists to call the shots in Kabul, but in a more covert fashion than during their previous military occupation of the country.
AMERICAN sugar daddy Randy Lerner may call the shots at Aston Villa these days, but 'Deadly' Doug Ellis - the chairman who named a stand after himself - still holds court in his former kingdom.