requisition form

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an official form on which a request in made


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Did the note of the anonymous call slip out of the in tray and get swept up by the cleaners?
A call slip is generated in the circulation department of the holding library, a student retrieves the volume and provisionally checks it out to the requesting patron and then puts it in a Pony Express mail bag, which is sent to the patron's home institution.
Aided by Tigar, who had returned to the firm in 1974 specifically to help on the Connally case, Williams collected every call slip, every phone bill, every bank statement, every scrap of evidence that the prosecutors could possibly use to catch Connally in a lie.
It's been 14 years since my 'SuperwoMom' got her 'call slip' from heaven.
The actress updated fans on Instagram about the development early this week, posting a photo of her call slip for the show.
Working conditions better get better lest more directors or stars pack up and get their call slip from heaven sooner than later.
The absence of Fajardo forced the team to stretch its lineup and any available big man got a call slip. Aside from Espinas, Jay-R Reyes and Yancy De Ocampo have gotten minutes to fill in the slot.