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While clearly unacceptable, the numbers of arson-related call outs have declined in the last three years, showing that efforts by fire chiefs and partner agencies to target the problem are proving effective.
Figures collated over the past five years reveal the extent of valuable time of firefighters being taken up by the call outs to places with automatic fire alarms such as businesses and hospitals across the region.
Over the five year period from 2008 the total number of call outs was 15,345, 7,061 and 3,602 respectively.
The most recent call outs were to help emergency services go to the aid of a child suffering from an allergy and an elderly woman with a suspected hip fracture.
ARMY bomb experts experienced their highest number of call outs for more than three decades this year.
Penny Brockman, the deputy team leader with the Central (Brecon) Beacons Mountain Rescue Team, said her group had also seen a rise in the number of call outs.
Iain said: "It has been a record breaking year this year for call outs.
The company's computer integrated testing equipment tests every batch to ensure that rubber compounds meet stringent quality requirements and line call outs.
A survey of 10,000 call outs dealt with by Britannia showed that the most reliable cars were between two and five years old.
British Gas Central Heating Care includes all call outs and parts and labour for your boiler, radiators, controls and hot water.
Customers can soon expect automated call outs in advance of each delivery; while integrated text messaging will ensure the lines of communication remain open between drivers and dispatchers in markets where cell phone use is banned while on the road.
Were creating 375 new emergency medical and paramedic roles across the country over the next four years to ensure all emergency road ambulance call outs are double crewed by 2021.