call option

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an option to buy

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the option to buy a given stock (or stock index or commodity future) at a given price before a given date


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The Board of Directors especially wants to clarify that if any other incentive program, regardless of form, should be implemented to employees within the Orc Group group, the Call Option Holders will not be entitled to participant in such program, as long as they participate in the now proposed Incentive Program.
When the Fund writes a call option on an individual stock held in the Equity Component, it will generally do so with respect to approximately 70% of the value of the position, and when it writes a call option on an equity index, the face or notional amount of the index subject to the option will generally be equal to approximately 70% of the value of the corresponding securities in the Equity Component.
Dollars in accordance with the terms of the Call Option Agreement.
The risks we describe in the report could be mitigated through the swap documentation if it provides for the swap value to be calculated on the assumption that a call option will not be exercised.
X is bullish on the ABC Ltd stock and decides to buy one ABC call option contract on 3 June 2009, which expires on 25 June.
Safe-harbor exception: The strike price is at least 90% of the FMV on the date the call option is issued (Regs.
When a company hedges against a price increase, it buys a long contract or a call option.
PH), Philippine's fifth-largest lender by assets, has said that it will exercise a call option involving PHP5.
VIENNA, Austria, March 22 /PRNewswire/ -- Telekom Austria (VSE: TKA, NYSE: TKA) announced today, that it has paid EUR 80 million as option price under the call option agreement concluded in December 2004 to purchase MobilTel AD, the leading Bulgarian wireless operator.
2002-66, the Service held that if a grantor of a qualified covered call option (QC) holds a put option on the same underlying equity, the purchased put will cause the stock and the QC to be part of a larger straddle and ineligible for the Sec.
If rates go lower, the company will owe its investment banker some money on the hypothetical T-note call option sold.
A call option gives the holder the right to buy a share of stock from the issuer at a predetermined exercise price.
Congress believed that, in certain limited circumstances, a taxpayer who grants a call option does not substantially reduce his risk of loss on the optioned stock.
Top create the zero-cost collar, the investor also sells a call option and collects the associated premium to offset the cost of buying the put option.