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a mark consisting of characters written on a book

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Pulling the year off the end of the call number and storing it in an item description field causes an unnecessarily complicated display in Primo with drop-down fields for selecting volumes.
(9.) Berlin Airlift: A USAFE Summary, AFHRA call number 570.04B, 26 Jun 1948-30 Sep 1949, pp.
On each shelf the book is placed ordered by call number as shown in Figure 1.
The call number is +1 866 713 8564, pass code "Hot Topic" and a webcast will be available on its Investor Relations website at
Thus one scans the books on the shelf, performing an exhaustive search for the name, call number, author, through nearby shelves, usually above and below the shelf where the book should be.
However, it didn't take long for the judge to call number nine as the winner and that landed a nice touch for those who snapped up the 2-1 just after they had passed the post.
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Also included are explanations of call number assignments; Cuttering procedures; special Cutter numbers for authors; Masters and Honors Thesis classification; and definitions.
And a Call Number helps in a similar way when you're searching to find the right book.
Faite par vn nauire hollandois l'an 1667 (Paris, 1668) (call number *EC65 N4165 Eh668n), as well as the three 1668 English editions of the Isle (call numbers: *EC65 N4165, 668i, 668n, and 668i2).
Beautemps-Beaupre--Manuscript map of Australasia, 1796: Call number: Map rm 3852 (see 'Gateways' Feb 2005).
After learning how the library media center is organized through use of a call number system, students can apply this knowledge within any library setting to help them locate materials.
Many of the stories told throughout the journey were captured on cassette by Tom Baxter, who recently deposited the recordings at AIATSIS (call number: BAXTER_T01), with assistance from Eirlys Richards.
This was phone call number six out of an eventual 43 calls to the headquarters of major corporations.
* New fields such as call number, database, data source, identifying phrase, and retrieved date