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a loan that is repayable on demand


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The central bank is worried that the excessively low overnight call loan rate might cause inflation and create an assets bubble.
The high court agreed that the revenue agency should not have assessed the documentary stamp tax on PNB's interbank call loans in 1997.
The New York call loan market consisted of a "money post" on the floor of the NYSE with a daily auction of loans to individuals and business including call loans to brokers.
The interest rate on an unsecured call loan from Friday through Monday soared to 1 percent on the Tokyo interbank money market Wednesday, against the Bank of Japan's target of 0.
NYC Banker: We invest a lot of it in the call loan market.
Abstract: The call loan market in New York City played a central role in funding the expansion of economic growth and capital investment in the United States in the late 1800s and early 1900s.
For example, the call loan rate soared to 21 percent during October 1907 [Macaulay, Movements of Interest Rates, Bond Yields and Stock Prices in the U.
Figure 2 shows the estimated seasonal patterns of the call loan renewal interest rate between January 1890 and October 1914 and between November 1914 and December 1933.
The BOJ board also kept the unsecured overnight call loan rate on hold at a range of zero percent to 0.
dollar call loan rate, or TAIFX, jumped to a level 100 points (one point equals 0.
The central bank's policy board has decided to leave its policy rate, the unsecured overnight call loan rate, in the range of 0.
The policy board has unanimously decided to leave the unsecured overnight call loan rate in a zero percent to 0.
49 trillion yen as of Thursday on the prospect that the Bank of Japan will modify its ultra-easy monetary policy by next spring, the Association of Call Loan and Discount Companies said Friday.
The report also suggested that the current low overnight call loan rate would need to be revised upward as the economic recovery continues in accordance with changes in the foreign exchange rate.
Friedman and Schwartz suggested the absence of interest on reserves led to the funneling of excess reserve liquidity to the call loan market, which was typically viewed as low risk (see ch.