call it quits

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stop doing what one is doing

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With as much as $40 million at stake, the high-profile split between former E*TRADE chief Kathy Levinson and her partner demonstrates the importance of legal marriage protections--especially when it comes time to call it quits
With the exception of Vermont, where a same-sex couple wanting to dissolve its civil union can go through the same family court system as married couples wanting a divorce, there is precious little legal framework for same-sex couples who call it quits.
Halfway through the making of its new album, Kid A, Radiohead was going to call it quits.
Finally, there were tense meetings to decide whether Radiohead should call it quits. Phil Selway, Radiohead's drummer, says, "I think what was happening back then was that for the first time we didn't have anything to push against as a group, and so we pushed against each other."
Although a few stick around until a new president has been elected and the moving vans roll up, most others call it quits much sooner--after they lose a power struggle, burn out, or just decide they need some more time at home or money in the bank.