call in

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  • verb

Synonyms for call in

summon to enter

Related Words

summon to a particular activity or employment

Related Words

pay a brief visit

take a player out of a game in order to exchange for another player

make a phone call

demand payment of (a loan)


Related Words

cause to be returned

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As is standard practice, government officers entered discussions with the developer for the West Village call in on a range of issues including public space and built form.
The oversimplification and sensationalism of serious, often multifaceted issues since often only those with extreme views choose to call in.
Religious groups, including Catholics, should, where possible, have a station where people can call in to ask questions or express their views on a national basis.
The sales generated by call ins and the route sales generate a nice living for a Mom and Pop who know the business.
It's a jam-packed hour of fun with celebrity interviews, great call ins from our audience, on air competitions and this amazing Wheel of Fortune.