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  • verb

Synonyms for call in

summon to enter

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summon to a particular activity or employment

Related Words

pay a brief visit

take a player out of a game in order to exchange for another player

make a phone call

demand payment of (a loan)


Related Words

cause to be returned

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"Members have the right to call in if they're not happy or they'd like more explanation," she added.
My reassessment of the application was based on planning merit alone, which has been demonstrated through my decisions on previous call ins. As is standard practice, government officers entered discussions with the developer for the West Village call in on a range of issues including public space and built form.
In addition, last year he earned more than $17,000 in overtime and call in time, earning about 50 percent of the overtime budget allocated for his 11 person department and boosting his income to about $90,000 for the year.
If an employee's child is sick and no support person/group is available, the employee might call in sick rather than taking a vacation day.