call forth

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Accusing Mr Prisk of "hypocrisy and humbug", he said: "If we are going to succeed in sustaining the progress we are making, it is going to call forth for investment and support for the work of the regional development agencies.
The innovative Striker system, which allows players to call forth a helping hand from other characters when things aren't going so well, adds another dimension to the already distinctive gameplay.
"It's more a matter of receiving precisely the kind of leadership we choose to call forth and then support."
Those who were dead in the flesh are now alive in Christ, having breathed in the Spirit of God that is able to call forth new life to our mortal bodies.
It also spreads through time, as the losses suffered in one war call forth new wars of retaliation.
Is not such an audacious human initiative bound to call forth a gracious response from God?