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fire delivered on a specific target in response to a request from the supported unit

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The Record told yesterday how he had to call fire crews after leaving a chip pan unattended.
Call fire stations - there are nine in the county, including two on Catalina Island - are set up to serve rural and isolated communities.
Mr Flannery, who is also the director of Dingle Ocean World, said: ''It's what old sailors used to call fire on the water.
The truth is that the government proposal to create nine new call fire control centres in England to replace the existing 46, using untested technology, at a cost of GBP 1 billion including consultancy fees of GBP 44 million, will make us less able to respond to terrorist outrages" says Ms Winters.
Purchaser is determined daily hours spent on call fire on the basis of a fire hazard identified on the hour.
Previously, he worked for eight years on the Clinton Fire Department, and continued to serve the Town as a Call Fire Fighter for an additional 25 years.
ON CALL Fire Victim Support Service co-ordinator Vic Matthews is joined by staff from Barclays Bank who are funding the use of the response vehicle for another 12 months.
Meskus, who also serves as assistant call fire chief, has been scrutinized by selectmen and investigated by the state Ethics Commission for allegations of double-dipping.
Anyone wanting fire safety advice can call Fire Service Direct on 0800 731 5958 (Fire Service Direct) and arrange an appointment.
For fire safety advice and to book an free home fire risk assessment call Fire Service Direct on free phone 0800 7315958.
Call Fire Service Direct on 0800 731 5958 for a free home fire safety check.
Anyone who may have information about either arson fire is asked to call fire investigators at (508) 799-1930 or police detectives at (508) 799-8651.
There's a lot of benefit to being on a call fire department, if you enjoy that kind of work," said Mr.
BERLIN - The Board of Fire Engineers, which oversees administration of the town's call Fire Department, is back on board, after selectmen this week voted to reappoint the five members, but gave them homework: Studying the cost of responding to the mall.
Given Berlin's small size, and its call fire department, selectmen's concerns about the costs and impacts of shared responsibility for the mall are certainly understandable; but firefighters were right to point out that such responsibility is not optional.