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He said 80 percent of USAA's phone-call volume is for prequalifications and this new tool can cut a 40-minute phone call down to about 10 minutes.
We were staying in the Herbert Park Hotel in Ballsbridge and I got a call down to speak to our co-manager.
Even though the Royal Family are on holiday, there isn't much of what you'd call down time, there's not much chillaxing.
If you could offer Alfie the loving home he deserves please call down and meet him.
Call down now to your local Smyths Toys Superstore or shop online at smythstoys.
CALL down blessings on your persecutors - blessings, not curses.
I, a weak father, lack the language and the innocence to call down angels.
In Luke's gospel the two brothers ask Jesus if they should call down fire from heaven on some inhospitable Samaritans.
Instead With the new system, residents simply dial *7 on their home phone to call down and talk directly to their doorman.