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a center equipped to handle a large volume of telephone calls (especially for taking orders or serving customers)


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This year, unfortunately the call centre (in Timmins) isn't open yet, so placements aren't available at that call centre just yet.
She notes the program is not affiliated with the Timmins' new TeleTech call centre or any other customer interaction centre, and therefore graduates are not promised a position in any call centre at the conclusion of the program.
Executives assessing call centre location in Australia & New Zealand.
Call Centre Management requiring benchmarking data.
Headquartered in Toronto, a hub of the Canadian call centre market, Xentrax has focused exclusively on software solutions for the Canadian contact centre marketplace for over a decade.
With the increasing number of American-based companies establishing call centres in Canada, partnering with etalk's comprehensive quality management solutions and its large U.
For example, a caller can dial the Virtual Call Centre and ask for `Dog Rock.
The virtual call centre is operated by specialist call centre outsourcer, Telads of Perth, which developed the application in conjunction with computer telephony integrator, Telemanagement Australia, using SpeechWorks' natural language speech recognition software.
By implementing Infonet's Call Centre Service, AOL will be able to consolidate all call centre call management functions across Europe for the first time.
For the customer, the consolidation of call centre operations will provide a single approach no matter which call centre takes the call, and also guarantees comparable service levels at all sites.
The Finland Post call centre contains no telephones.
We definitely wanted to keep our call centre know-how and our highly skilled agents in-house.
Telstra is delighted to have played a major role in attracting Citibank's Call Centre business to Australia.