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a center equipped to handle a large volume of telephone calls (especially for taking orders or serving customers)


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Our CEO and Co-Founder had also discussed various points to understand the work model and need of the call centers in the Philippines.
She added that she wanted to run Women Development Department's call center on the same pattern like Legal Aid Society.
Caleris has call center locations in Manning, Jefferson, Newton and Marshalltown, each with 100 200 employees.
She said the Worcester call center is the only one being closed at this time.
She will train and mentor each customer service and order processing representative across a range of call center skills.
Intelemedia Communications essentially brings together individual client's multiple call centers and has visibility into which top-tier agents at which of that organization's call centers are currently available to take calls.
Interestingly, while Verizon was called out for offshoring call centers, at least a couple of the press conference speakers noted that AT&T has brought back many call center jobs in the past few years, and has committed to returning 5,000 call center jobs to the U.S.
Spoken's virtual call center offerings include a hosted Avaya Automated Call Distributor (ACD), which gives call centers the opportunity for scalable growth without large capital expenditures, and Spoken's patented Conversational Interactive Voice Response (IVR), which reduces dropped calls by combining automation with a human safety net.
Industry research and anecdotal information is clear: Without a call center, apartment management companies miss as many as half of prospective residents' calls.
Dubai Trade extends its Call Center timings to facilitate customers, business community
LiveOps, Santa Clara, Calif., the virtual call center company, has announced the integration and certification of its On-Demand Call Center Platform with the Salesforce CRM application suite.
Jamaica's Montego Bay accounts for about half the island's call center jobs, and developers have built thousands of concrete, single-family homes to accommodate the workers;
It would start with an overhaul of that department, followed by the hiring of Shelley Bawlings, 41, director of program management at MCI responsible for developing and implementing call center support plans for the firm.
In a move likely to end in virtual oligopoly, call center agents may have to take reservations for all members of the alliance.