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a center equipped to handle a large volume of telephone calls (especially for taking orders or serving customers)


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The stress of many call center jobs leaves employees prone to accidents, workplace injuries and musculoskeletal and psychiatric disabilities, which ultimately lead to more absences and disability claims, Leopold said.
I even went to one call center that The New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman had visited and glowed about.
MCI's call center operation has grown from a single location with ten associates, into a nationwide operation with eight call centers and more than 3,000 service representatives," said Rick Boykin, director of the network and resource management center.
PBXtra Call Center is also available with HUD[R] Agent, a universal contact management application that provides agent presence management, whether that agent is in the office or telecommuting.
SoundBite was among six vendors selected by editors at Call Center Magazine as having the best "new and improved technology" to enhance call center management.
com's call center initiative that resulted in that company's recent Winter '07 product announcements in this area.
Despite the rapid advancements in technology in today's call center environment, it's still the human resources that drive call center--and enterprisewide--success.
We are pleased to be working with Five9, and feel the company's technology addresses a key need in the region's rapidly emerging call center markets," said Andrew Salisbury, CEO of Corsidian, Inc.
Of the 15 veterans that participated in the training, 12 are moving to call center agent positions and three will become call center supervisors.
They made it extremely easy to start the call center, and their hosted model will help us ensure that our potential franchisees have the same high-quality and dependable solution.
In their annual feature article naming Product of the Year winners, Call Center Magazine editors referred to FrontRange IPCC and the other 17 products and services selected as the "most creative, innovative and above all else, USEFUL tools for making your call center the best it can be.
Our annual awards highlight the most innovative and influential call center solutions and technologies," said Keith Dawson, Call Center Magazine's editorial director.