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a numbered compartment in a post office where mail is put to be called for

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Aside from the call boxes, variable electronic message signs like the ones found along NLEX, will be put up at the interchange of Floridablanca and Concepcion for Subic-bound motorists and at Porac and Bamban forthose going at the opposite direction.
The new call boxes are also equipped with cameras for better roadside management.
An official of the PSCA said the call boxes would be installed to facilitate the citizens without mobile phones to call the police on its helpline 15 to lodge their complaints.
"I expect my business in Holland will run its course over the next 12 months as there is less need to use emergency call boxes," he said.
Emergency call boxes. There are more than 70 emergency call boxes around the campus equipped with communication boxes and strobe lights activated when a user pushes a button on the unit.
Aided by call boxes and other technologies, police management increasingly regarded patrolmen as interchangeable parts in a large policing machine.
Just last month, an additional 70 call boxes were added to the system to accommodate the new sport utility truck and as part of the model year changeover for the H2, says project manager Tim Kurtz.
*The body's 360+ acu-points act as emergency call boxes along our energy meridians.
PAYPHONE users in Warwickshire are being asked to contact their MP over plans to axe several call boxes.
Nearly 10 per cent of Birmingham's 1,919 call boxes will be closed down by December 2004, as more and more of the sites are neglected, vandalised or simply not used.
It can be used with compatible cell phones, cordless phones, emergency call boxes and pay phones.
Last year, BT removed 970 public call boxes in Scotland alone.
The guidelines on the removal and re-siting of public call boxes have been amended to clarify the procedures, and in particular the guidelines on the removal of a payphone service from a single site have been reinforced.
Indeed, many 999 calls are still made from the call boxes.
Witness Call Boxes, 1999-2000, by Bradley McCallum and Jacqueline Tarry, may have been visually underwhelming, but from its perfunctory cast-metal emergency callboxes emanated the voices of cops and the families of police brutality victims.