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a numbered compartment in a post office where mail is put to be called for

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The call boxes are linked to the CCTV system so that when a box is activated, the nearest cameras automatically pan and tilt to that location.
In fact Irish Sunday People has learned that call boxes not raking in more than pounds 2,000 each year will be axed.
She said up to ten million cards are put in call boxes in central London alone.
The mobility, portability, and ease of installation of cellular emergency call boxes are changing the way Americans cry "Help
Florida DOT required a solution that could coexist with its existing network of highway emergency call boxes, and provide service for a variety of new traffic management and monitoring applications.
Project requirements shall include: Vendor shall have a minimum of one (1) year experience in installing similar type equipment into emergency call boxes.
BT also now state in the call boxes if you make a reverse-call charge the minimum cost is pounds 3.
BT has asked Ofcom for permission to vary charges while it updates call boxes over two years.
Cell phones are also wiping out the need for all 3,100 call boxes along Los Angeles County's bustling freeways.
More than 13 million cards put up by prostitutes are removed every year just from call boxes in central London.
Dozens of BT call boxes around the country have been given a Boy George theme to help promote the single Cold Shoulder and a cover version of David Bowie's Starman in the first preview of its kind.
The pounds 2 cards, used in call boxes instead of cash, feature individual members of the England squad.
has completed the last phase of a contract for the installation of wireless remote emergency call boxes on I-15 (Phase I) and wireless remote video poles on I-80 (Phase II) for the Nevada Department of Transportation.
of the California Streets and Highway Code for the purpose of implementing, maintaining and operating a motorist aid system of call boxes on freeways and State highways in the following counties: the County of Sacramento; the County of Yolo; the County of Sutter; the County of Yuba; the County of El Dorado; and the County of San Joaquin.
Tow trucks in the program have traveled many of the county's freeways since 1991 and annually come to the rescue of about 300,000 drivers who call 3-9-9 on cell phones or use freeway call boxes.