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a numbered compartment in a post office where mail is put to be called for

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Passengers using the airport's car parks can now find help via new assistance call boxes installed in the parking areas.
Call boxes are located on the outside of the residence halls for visitors who do not have a student ID and cannot access the lobby.
Each call box is dedicated to a single part number, and transmits its identification number.
Running on cellular signals, the call box phones report to a computerized monitoring station operated by emergency personnel.
Call box baby desperate to find her mum A WOMAN who was dumped in a phone box as a two-day-old baby is trying to find her birth mum.
It no longer operates as a call box, but the piece of nostalgia was bought by Hope Community Council for PS1 last year from BT.
Call Box Office for ticket information on 0844 888 4411.
He would pass on the call box numbers but encoded the last three digits.
PERTH 2.15 Esporao 2.50 Lisbon 3.25 Lord Of Drums 4.00 Momkinzain 4.35 Hidden Future 5.10 Baby's Hot 5.40 Call Box. REDCAR 2.05 Smart Salute 2.40 Iptisam 3.15 Demoltion 3.50 Gold Show 4.25 Light Rose 5.00 Legal Bond 5.35 Little Jimmy Odsox 6.10 Boy The Bell.
Call Box adds to track tally Call Box will be back for another date with Downpatrick on March 25 after his love affair with the track continued in the 2m2f handicap hurdle.
"I live in a hamlet in which, as it happens, the only public facility of any description is a public call box," he said.
Alnwick District Council faced the loss of 15 phone boxes at Longframlington, Pauperhaugh, Edlingham, Bolton, Callaly, Newton on the Moor, Howick, Beanley, South Charlton, Rock, Biddlestone, Harwood, Wingates, Swarland and a call box on the A1 north of Alnwick.
First time I went to a call box in town, dialled Faults, after all the bumph I got to "leave a contact number".
Officers traced the origin of the email to a call box in Bold Street, in Liverpool city centre.
He was ringing from a call box just near his flooded home,