call back

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  • verb

Synonyms for call back

cause to be returned

return or repeat a telephone call

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summon to return


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Getting a call back number does not ensure the validity of the claim, they added.
May I leave a message for him to call back, or is he perhaps available to speak with me now?
has decided to call back 48 Avalon vehicles from 26 April due to defective air bags.
Also, visitors do not pay for the cost of the call as it is arranged as a call back to the visitor's phone.
Taxi driver Zahid Akram went to get a council tax issue sorted out on Tuesday but he was told he'd have to call back because the system was down.
The independent health watchdog revealed some patients are not being seen for more than 15 hours and others are waiting more than five hours for a call back.
So when you get a call back, mention the highlights of the project very briefly.
Under communications director Dan Barreth, the office developed a "15-minutes" rule: Every reporter who called, no matter how small their publication or newsletter, would get a call back within 15 minutes, even if just to arrange a later interview.
The woman on the phone took my name and said she would call back.