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Synonyms for call back

cause to be returned

return or repeat a telephone call

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summon to return


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Here are some examples of the proper way to set a call back:
BMW's recall comes within a short span of similar call backs by companies like Tata Motors, Nissan, Rolls Royce, Honda and Maruti to replace faulty parts.
Whenever I phone the department to report this, I am asked to call back after 2pm in case they call back to collect it.
Summary: Etisalat has denied rumours that a large amount of phone credit is deducted from customers' account if they try to call back certain incoming calls from an international number.
"Any time I phone, I'm told the kilt is still being made and to call back the following day for a shipping date but when I do call back, the owner, Graham Muir, is never there.
ALEX CORNISH Call Back (Bellevue) ALEX Cornish's DIY debut Until The Traffic Stops, paid for out of his own pocket, shifted 6,000 copies, led to a tour with Alison Moyet, BBC sessions and rave reviews.
She recommended painkillers and told me to call back if there was no change.
The automatic call back feature for the concierge helps the front desk manage many calls at once.
Both discovered a common interest in house renovations when he first checked her heating and became friends as he had to call back to upgrade her system.
No, it makes you hop up and down, especially when they suggest you call back later.
In a recorded message, tell callers you'll call back within a reasonable amount of time.
"I have never received a customer call back." Gordy credits Simonson Lumber Co.
The satellite passes the call back to a switching office on Earth.
When they call the hotline, callers are giving an identification number, and encouraged to call back in a few weeks to see if there are additional follow-up questions from the employer.