call back

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  • verb

Synonyms for call back

cause to be returned

return or repeat a telephone call

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summon to return


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what's important is that you, the sales rep, take control of the call back timeframe AND get commitment from your prospect.
Call Back, also recorded at home, provides the answer.
on how to work the newly installed shower and I call back at 5:35--that woman will recommend me forever.
If you want to adopt a cat or kitten, apply for help with neutering, report a lost or found cat or make any other enquiry, call the new helpline with their details and one of a team of volunteers will call back.
When they call the hotline, callers are giving an identification number, and encouraged to call back in a few weeks to see if there are additional follow-up questions from the employer.
Users can also utilize a call-through feature requesting information or a call back from contact center staff.
If the attending physician hangs up while you are on another incoming call, call back immediately.
I was told I cannot raise the cancellation request as my account is inactive; I need to make a payment of Dh200 and call back to place this request.