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(botany) the whorl of sepals of a flower collectively forming the outer floral envelope or layer of the perianth enclosing and supporting the developing bud

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In this album we have research data, we have accounts from families of the victims,' Calix said.
Calix has pursued a software defined access vision for a decade, and the new benchmark established by GLDS demonstrates how AXOS is redefining the access network.
Calix has worked toward a unified access network for a decade, and it says that AXOS--which launched in 2015--delivers on the promise of the software defined network, enabling providers to deliver all services on a single, elastic network that is always on.
Innovative partners like Calix are enabling us to leap frog the competition and consolidate multiple network elements into one platform and automate many of our most critical network functions.
Calix is the global provider of the cloud and software platforms, systems and services required to deliver the unified access network and smart premises of tomorrow.
"With the introduction of the new Calix solutions that support Gfast Amendment 3, service providers now have a more streamlined and economical approach to meeting these demands for subscribers in MDU locations and differentiating themselves through a consistent service offering across copper and fiber.
The 1H NMR spectrum of the copolymer (6) demonstrated that both styrene and calix monomers were joined into the repeating unit, because the signals of both monomers are observed in the copolymer 6.
They also face the risk of increased churn if they cannot solve Wi-Fi problems, said Shane Eleniak, Calix vice president of systems products.
While Wi-Fi performance has emerged as the key determinant of a subscriber's broadband experience, it has also caused the volume of Wi-Fi related trouble calls fielded by service provider support centers to skyrocket, said Miguel Alonso, Calix vice president of cloud products.
Every service provider in the world has multi-dwelling unit (MDU) buildings in its service area, and most of these locations are ideal candidates for Gfast technology, said Robert Balsamo, Calix vice president of advanced architecture standards.
CenturyLink has leveraged the Calix AXOS solution to bring the potential for a gigabit experience to subscribers living in MDUs in Platteville, Wisconsin using existing in- building twisted pair and coaxial infrastructure.
Calix Inc (NYSE:CALX), a provider of gigabit fibre deployments, announced on Tuesday that 10 new municipal broadband providers have partnered with the company to support their network rollouts.
Summary: The deputy of Liberty (Libre) Party, Jorge Calix, today asked the National Congress to streamline the presentation of the draft law on cancellation of payment for services in dollars in Honduras.
The Calix 844G and 854G GigaCenters are the first in a family of premises service delivery platforms from Calix that serve as the heart of the gigabit experience for the broadband subscriber.