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Synonyms for calisthenics

the practice of calisthenic exercises

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light exercises designed to promote general fitness

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That will subside, particularly if you start the workout with a stretching routine and cool down the muscles with light calisthenics at the end.
From a begrudging return to a dysfunctional family in Adelaide, to navigating the modern dating world while also pleasing your traditional Afghani mother, to a family calisthenics empire torn apart by oddball secrets, the successful projects for Long Story Short are:
We suspect there's plenty of marketing calisthenics going on, too.
Mineta is the reason that arthritic senior citizens were forced to do calisthenics at airports after 9-11, and open their trousers and skirts, while young men wearing headdresses and carrying rocket launchers were ushered into first class.
I was to encounter that same faith in improvisation when Balanchine recreated The Seven Deadly Sins for me in 1958; he asked me to make up some of my own calorie-losing calisthenics for the Gluttony section.
SHARON LOCKHART, artist: What could be better than watching members of the French Foreign Legion hang laundry, iron uniforms, and do calisthenics in unison?
The men do calisthenics and recite hymns of praise to the appropriate deities, be they Che, Allah, or Polisario martyr Luali.
Her workout is an authentic, home-grown series of calisthenics that she does faithfully every day except Sunday ("even God took a break," she claims).
I do calisthenics every morning, and I swim 50 lengths--2,500 feet--right after work in the pool.
Mernda s calisthenics, football, cricket and netball community will soon have more room to grow with the Victorian Coalition Government contributing more than $700,000 towards a new sporting pavilion and multipurpose training facility at Woodland Waters Recreation Reserve.
They are part of a larger national movement that embraces boot-camp-style fitness programs that stress traditional or military-style calisthenics.
We sing the song of the coal press" - and that's just for starters; subsequent acts include the pert antics of a DDR Doris Day and smiling Free German Youth types executing Jerome Robbins dance calisthenics around the Leipzig town square.
Organizers say they will avoid residential areas during the hourlong workout, which will include sprints, power walking, stair climbing, calisthenics and weight training.